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the project

Recycle Here! was founded by the community in 2007 to give the citizens a place to recycle household recycling in the City of Detroit. Recycle Here! began a partnership with the City of Detroit through the GDRRA and the Department of Public Works and began accepting material from residents on January 4th, 2007. To date, Recycle Here! has recycled over 30 Million Pounds of Material and been visited over 1 million times by citizens of Detroit.

Recycle Here! has been a constant partner to Detroit and it's residents through the years, assisting with the creation of recycling programs in the Detroit Public Schools and the coordinated roll-out of city wide curbside recycling through education and outreach in partnership with GDRRA and the DPW. Recycle Here offers free drop off recycling to City of Detroit residents, while also welcoming those outside the city for materials that they cannot recycle locally, such as styrofoam and bulk cardboard.

Plastic bags are extremely difficult to recycle and cannot be accepted in single stream curbside bins. Through this grant and match program, Recycle Here! will provide a home for plastic bags to be properly recycled, eliminating a problem for curbside programs and diverting this material from landfills throughout the region.

the steps


- Acquire the matching funds needed for the completion of the State of Michigan EGLE Grant

- Order Baler

- Install Baler

- Begin Accepting Bags!

why we're doing it

Recycle Here! was built on the principle that people can and will take personal responsibility for their environmental impact. Our success has proven that this is the case. Our role is to provide the proper way for people to do the right thing. This project will allow us to empower people to be able to live a greener life by eliminating plastic bags the proper way.


Recycle Here! was awarded a grant for the purchase of a baler so we can accept plastic bags for recycling. The total grant is $21,500. The State of Michigan EGLE will provide $16,000.00 towards this purchase. Recycle Here! will need to match $4500 as their grant match, with the additional $3000 going toward installation and materials for operation and marketing / outreach to let the world know that we are the place to (not) trash your bags.

  • $4500 needed for matching grant
  • $3000 needed for installation, materials for marketing

TOTAL RAISED = $7,860.00 $7,860.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $235.80 $235.80
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $7,624.20 $7,624.20


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