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the project


FP YouthOutcry staff, interns, volunteers, Board members, community residents and businesses of Newark are pitching in to raise funds to complete and equip The HUBB (Help Us Become Better) Empowerment Center and we need your help too. This will allow us to triple the number of urban Newark youth we serve, add job training and mentoring programs, establish a food pantry/clothing closet and expand the scope of support we offer to adult community members.

The HUBB now also serves as the support and storage center for the summer camp we operate in partnership with the Newark Housing Authority and for community events we hold throughout the year.

the steps

• Equip the media studio and training center with sound booth, engineering and video equipment in the 9,000 sq ft of space The HUBB currently occupies and bring in-house our successful Rhymes 4 Reasons program that has been hosted at the Newark Housing Authority.

• Equip the existing HUBB facility with air conditioning, shelving, chairs, tables, a projector, viewing screen and secure entrance doors.

• Create paid positions for key staff whom are currently volunteers.

• Build out the additional 14,000 sq feet of adjacent space we have contracted to occupy. Once this work is complete the doors will open for us to provide an expanded complement of programs and services. A construction company has offered to match our investment in labor and materials for the build-out dollar for dollar up to $60,000.

• Equip the food pantry/clothes closet in 5000 sq ft of that space.

• Equip the other 9000 sq ft of space for training and mentoring programs. The Grassroots Warming Station that shelters homeless individuals during winter months will also be housed here at night.

why we're doing it

Learn more about FP YouthOutcry at our website

FP serves the youth and families of Newark to help break the cycle of systemic poverty and community violence that too many of our youth fall victim to.

"Nearly half of Newark's 72,000 children — 44% in 2012 — were living in poverty" compared with the state wide average of 15% (1, 2). Our programs are designed to support Newark children with creative educational programming that supplements their school experience and leads to increased prospects for school and career success (3) and recreational programs that keep youth engaged in safe and fun activities. We provide expanded support to families through adult reading and financial literacy workshops because the "National Institute for Literacy ranks Newark as having the fifth highest rate of illiteracy in the nation, with 52% of adults 17-years or older categorized as functionally illiterate" (4) and we believe that parents need support themselves in order to best support their children. Across New Jersey 1,151,890 people live in food-insecure households and as the state's largest city Newark is home to many of them.

  1. Newark Kids Count 2014
  4. City of Newark website



Updated Budget:

For improvements to The HUBB’s space at 135 Prince Street, Newark

RAISED = $1,045.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $29.42

Original Budget:

Furnish and equip the existing space and our new space: $75,000

SUBTOTAL = $75,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $2,250
TOTAL TO RAISE = $77,285



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