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the project

Established in 1990, the Kehilat Food Pantry is a branch of the Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim synagogue. Initially organized to help those from the former Soviet Union who lived under oppression and persecution, the facility has since expanded its outreach to the Queens community with its Food Pantry Program.

The Kehilat Food Pantry stands as the fourth largest Kosher food pantry in the United States. It is a non-profit pantry that primarily relies on monetary donations and the contributions of community volunteers. Each effort is placed into preparing and distributing over 8,000 food packages every month which consist of vegetables, produce, and canned goods. These goods are given in scheduled distributions and in response to immediate emergency need. The Kehilat Food Pantry serves over 1,200 needy families a week.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our clientele has risen by over 400 individuals daily. With the upcoming winter, we are expecting these numbers to increase with the ongoing struggle to stay healthy and further financial strain on marginalized families. Any funding or donations received will go towards equipment purchases. Necessities such as heaters and large tents will provide a warm space for our staff and clients on our outdoor distribution line. Funding will additionally assist with obtaining food inventory, facility maintenance, and custom delivery packages to provide to our elderly and homebound clients who cannot access food otherwise. 


the steps

With the collected money the Kehilat Food Pantry will be able to purchase new registration equipment for its distribution days, such as iPads and lightweight laptops. With technology that is quick and efficient, our staff will be able to register new clients and check in weekly clients at a faster rate, which will allow easier facilitation through the distribution line. Our pantry's line and distribution path are entirely based outside, and thus expediting the registration process will allow us to serve more families and minimize waiting time especially during bad weather!

Additionally the monetary support will go towards maintenance of the facility and its workers. This means necessities such as electricity, which will create a comfortable and warm working environment for our Staff. The Kehilat Food Pantry devotes itself to providing food and water for all volunteers on site. Lastly, the updated cameras inside and outside the pantry will allow us to immediately troubleshoot any issues such as low inventory in order to prevent distribution delay.

why we're doing it

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many needy families without a steady source of income and support. Poverty rates in the United States are rising, and the continued economic stress on these families have left many without money to buy food. Especially with the upcoming winter, many individuals who are working day and night to provide for their families are susceptible to falling ill.

The Kehilat Food Pantry prides itself on relieving these burdens for the community by providing massive bulks of produce, grains, and canned goods weekly for our clients. A single meal can mean the world to someone and we strive to not only help the underserved, but inspire others to carry on the same heart and charity in their own lives. 


$800 for laptops: For registering clients and administration.

$1000 for DVR security cameras: For the food pantry's garage and surrounding area.

$700 for cleaning supplies and kitchen utencils: For food pantry maintanence.

$500 for staff support: Providing food and resources for volunteers and pantry staff alike. 

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