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the project

During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in Connecticut were mostly shut down until March 2021.  Students lost valuable time with their guidance counselors and college support services.  Many high school graduates are entering college with questions and lack of informtion about the process.  This can significantly impact their success in college.  There are limited resources to turn to to get college questions answered. 

In this project, my goal is to create a college success program for students.  This would be accomplished in two ways.  The first is a course that would be a series of videos on topics that students would benefit from as they transition to college.  These would be pre recorded videos should students be open to access them at their own convenience.  The second part of the project is to offer live montly office hours.  In these sessions, students would register for a Zoom call with Dr. Wisniewski (this would be a group setting).  In these calls Dr. Wisniewski will cover an important college topic (ex. study skills, time management, how to choose a major) and would also have the opportunity to network with other students on the call. 

Both projects would be available to students for free for one year (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022).  This will provide students ongoing support and access throughout the school year. 

the steps

June 2021-build the college success course.  

July 2021-launch the college success course and begin office hour sessions. 

July 2021-June 2022-continue to provide the college success course for students and monthly office hour sessions. 

why we're doing it

This project can significantly impact the life of a college student in a positive way.  Through having this resource availalbe to them it can help with their successful completion of college.  In turn, students would be better prepared to choose a major, answer financial aid questions, eliminate confusion, and gain internships.  This would lead to less college debt when they graduate, an educated workforce, changes in their families lives, and they will finish college quicker. 




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