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Mayele N
3202 Mapledale Avenue
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the project

Due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, many refugee families have either lost their jobs or have suffered from a reduction in working hours. Families are struggling to keep up with their rent, groceries, and utility payment which has caused fear of debt in many refugee families. we are hoping to raise money so that we can bridge the gap and remove a light financial burden to as many families as we can but our goal is at least help 50+ families who are in a deep financial hole due to the lockdown.  

the steps

1. Contact families 

2. Pay utilities for families in need and buy groceries

3. Deliver food to families 

why we're doing it

We are in a situation like we have never experienced before and many families in my refugee community are struggling. I am doing this campaign because every day I experience first hand how people are struggling financially more than ever before, tough decisions are being made when it comes to priorities and I believe we can help my vulnerable community by relieving some weight off their shoulders by pitching in. 


  • Utilities: gas, electrical and internet $4000 
  • Food - $1000

ioby Platform Fee     waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $155
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,155


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