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Thank you to our Supporters!

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Plenitud has worked with at-risk youth throughout Puerto Rico since 2010, by helping to create productive and beautiful gardens in schools and communities, integrating vegetable gardening into curriculums, and offering workshops and educational tours at our Teaching Center in Las Marias, PR. It has been rewarding and inspiring to see the students participating in Plenitud's programs gain confidence in themselves and look ahead to a brighter future of possibilities.

Please help us to extend our efforts to positively impact the youth in 2017! With your support, we can design and install a new school garden and offer a series of workshops and weekend educational camping trips for at-risk youth.  Your contribution will help us to buy gardening supplies and tools (soil amendments, plants, etc.) for the school garden, create and install permanent educational signs, and offer healthy food and educational programs and activities to the youth participants.


the steps

Building on collaboration with the local municipal government, a new school vegetable garden will be designed with the input of the teachers, administration, and students.  Plenitud's approach is guided by Permaculture, an inter-disciplinary design system that mimics nature in design while creating productive, edible gardens.

Once the plans are finalized, Plenitud’s outreach team and network of volunteers will work alongside students and teachers to install the new vegetable gardens, providing technical oversight, soil amendments and plants, tools, and lots of encouragement.

Students from the local school and other outreach sites in Aguadilla and Mayaguez, PR will be offered a series of workshops and educational activities, including site visits, healthy meals, and weekend educational camping trips to our Teaching Center in the rural mountain town of Las Marias.


why we're doing it

Many of the youth that we work with are at a high risk of dropping out of school.  In Puerto Rico, youth that drop out of school before graduation are more at risk of unemployment, engaging in criminal activity, alcoholism and drug addiction.  Plenitud’s outreach efforts help at-risk youth to rise above these socio-economic challenges by engaging them in productive and healthy activities and by providing them with training and certifications in agriculture, sustainability, and food preparation. 

Participants in Plenitud’s outreach programs benefit from more than just the practical skills that they learn; they discover new inspiration and motivation to succeed in school, build self-esteem, and spend time working with and sharing with good role models.  With some loving support and encouragement, these kids can transcend the challenges and limitations they face and mature to be healthy, productive, and socially-aware members of society.


Close out Budget:

Gardening supplies, tools, soil amendments: $1,000
Groceries and meal preparation for camping trips and workshops: $1,250
Educational Signs: $1,250
Personnel: $2,190
Misc. supplies: $100
TOTAL: $5,790
SUBTOTAL = $5,790
ioby Platform Fee  Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) Waived


Original Budget:

Gardening supplies, tools, soil amendments: $1,000

Groceries and meal preparation for camping trips and workshops: $1,250

Educational Signs: $1,250

Personnel: $2,000

SUBTOTAL = $5,500
ioby Platform Fee  Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) Waived



Thank you to our Supporters!


Friends, family, generous donors—

From the bottom of our hearts, all of us at Plenitud Iniciativas want to thank you for your generous contribution to our Ioby fundraising campaign to support at risk youth in Puerto Rico. Because of you, we not only met but exceeded our original goal of $5,500, and we did it with time to spare! 

The mission of Plenitud is to “demonstrate and share knowledge for a more sustainable and harmonious life.” Here at the farm, this mission takes many forms; through workshops, trainings, student group visits and community service, we strive to find ways to serve each other and our community in new and better ways every day. However, we cannot achieve these goals without the love and support of people like you. Through our many years of growing and building Plenitud, we have come to truly learn the value of coming together for the purpose of helping and serving others, and the results of this campaign have been no exception!

Plenitud is eager to share the love and support we received through this campaign with the youth of our community here in Las Marias. Below you will see some pictures from a community event we organized last week with the students from a local school—let their smiling faces be a reflection of our collective gratitude for your support in continuing this service!

We are inspired by the generous community spirit fostered throughout this campaign, and we look forward to sharing this inspiration with the parents and students participating in our agriculture programs in 2017! 

Again, from all of us at Plenitud, thank you so much for your donation. Your generous support truly makes a difference. For those who wish to take advantage of the tax exemption for charitable giving, please use the email confirmation you received from for tax purposes. Please contact us if you did not get an email receipt or have any questions. 

With gratitude,

    The staff of Plenitud Iniciativas

P.S.-  Looking for additional ways to support Plenitud? Plenitud is a non-profit 501c3 that operates based on generous contributions from our community of donors. We accept tax-deductible donations year round which can be made directly to Plenitud here:

In addition, our farm, teaching center and staff in Las Marias are well equipped to host small and large groups for day or overnight retreats and events. For more information, contact Paula or Katie at:


Plenitud Initativas

P.O. Box 394

Las Marias, PR 00670



Exceeded our goal!


The fundraiser has EXCEEDED our original goal thanks to the generosity of YOU. We plan to continue to receive donations until the fundraiser closes in two days. This is wonderful news as it means Plenitud will be able to work with and impact more youth in Puerto Rico thanks to your generous donations. 

Earlier this week, a group of kindergartens visited the Plenitud teaching center to learn about how  our food grows and healthy eating. For some of the students, this was their first time on a farm. We are so grateful that your donations will make experiences like this more possible in 2017 and beyond. 

All our love, 

Plenitud Family

More than 1/2 way to our goal, 18 days left + Photos

Hello Friends and Family, 

THANK YOU for your generous donations. We are more than 1/2 way to our goal, but still have $2,000 left to raise in the next 18 days. 

Please help us reach our goal by sharing this fundraiser with friend and family in your network. To inspire you, here are some photos from a group of high school students visiting the Plenitud farm earlier this year learning about healthy food and sustainable agriculture. Your donation will help us extend our reach to more low-income students in Puerto Rico. 



Helps purchase a gardening tool for school gardens (ex: 1 shovel, or 2 pairs of gardening shears.)



Helps purchase a bag of compost, organic fertilizers, and vegetable seeds for school gardens.



Sponsors 1 student’s participation in a 3-part workshop series on organic gardening.



Sponsors 4 students' participation in a 3-part workshop series on organic gardening.



Sponsors 6 students for a weekend educational camping trip (including meals, workshops, applied science, and fun in nature!)


Much love, 

The Plenitud Family



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Yvonne Chan
  • Spencer I.
  • Sarah & Tyson
  • Jennifer Y.
  • Anonymous
  • Anna and Michael Parsons
  • The Alexander Family
  • Ellen
  • Rachel Krausman
  • David Ingley
  • Charlie G
  • Anna Yanco-Papa
  • Owen
  • Anonymous
  • Millie Paoli
  • Katherine Brown
  • Anonymous
  • Bert Ingley
  • Yamaira Rodríguez
  • JR
  • Anonymous
  • Solo de pasada
  • Tom and Moira
  • Aixa C.
  • Sarah Ingley
  • Marissa Perry
  • Christopher Ciarcia
  • Janet Maxwell
  • Ginna M.
  • Aromas de Tierra
  • Véronique Morissette
  • Sandy O.
  • Vrndavana J.
  • Andrea Bauza
  • Elimarys P.
  • Malpica
  • Anonymous
  • Scarlett K Lindeman
  • Dean Stull
  • Meg & Zack
  • Callie Jones-Hughes
  • Von C Ferguson
  • Paul & Maddy Greif
  • Michael Hughes
  • Allan
  • Rachel CP
  • Anonymous
  • Jenny Hannon
  • Ellen Charlop
  • Sarah Charlop-Powers
  • Greta
  • Naina
  • Corinne
  • Susie C.
  • Marian Stanley
  • Edith Maxwell
  • Anna Isaacson
  • Aunt Cathie
  • Anonymous
  • Mom
  • Anonymous
  • Debbie
  • Anonymous

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