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the project

Owl's Head Park has a long, distinguished history as the perfect park for sleigh riding when it snows and for picnicking on the lawns on warm, sunny and even cloudy days.  The park offers visitors many trees, including Beech, London Plane, Linden, Red Oak, Pin Oak, Pine, Honeylocust, Crabapple, Tulip Poplar, Cypress, Redbud, Serviceberry, Magnolia, a pair of rare Osage Orange, and Cherry Blossoms   We have enhanced the grounds with a variety of gardens and small flowering beds.

Because of all the slopes in the park, soil erosion is a constant problem and pedestrian traffic trampling the grounds causes the soil to become compacted and turn to dust, thereby, making the soil slide into walking paths and sidewalks.  Our volunteers work to amend the soil with mulch and building flowering beds with perennials, flowering bulbs and mid-size bushes.

The grounds of the park require continued care, beyond what the Parks Department's horticulturists can provide.  An added benefit is volunteers learn how to use garden tools and do yardwork, a rarity in an urban environment, all while contributing to the beauty and longevity of a local park.


the steps

The volunteer dates for the Owl's Head Park Volunteers run from March to the first Saturday in November when weather conditions make it possible for volunteers to be outdoors, and all of our projects are outdoors.  We offer one Saturday and one Sunday each months during this time, working from 10am to 12 noon.  When funds are available, we provide snacks and bottled water to volunteers.  Partnerships for Parks supplement our supply of garden gloves, tools, and supplies such as hand sanitizers and garbage bags for volunteers to use.

We begin in March with raking leaves and cutting back invasive weeds. We continue through April, May and June with projects that include spreading mulch, planting perennials and summer bulbs, and putting up fencing around new plantings.  We work on watering new plantings from June to September, during the dry months of the year.  The months of October and November are devoted to planting spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, and crocus.

The following year we start this cycle again, keeping the grounds virile and fertile.


why we're doing it

Our annual greening projects at Owl's Head Park help with the environmental problem of maintaining the beauty and longevity of Owl's Head Park.


$200 for wheeled bins
$100 construction cones and caution tape
$200 hostas
$300 flowering bushes
$200 flowering bulbs
$500 bamboo fencing
$1,500.00 total

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