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We Did It!

the project

Three years ago, and a world away, the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School (BUGS) opened its doors thanks to committed families, community members and donors like you.  Now we are days away from graduating as the first 8th grade class of BUGS! Your generosity and support over these three years has helped our school community grow and experience a world that is often unattainable for city students.

On June 27th, we will celebrate this milestone with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greenkill YMCA Outdoor Education Center. On this exciting trip, we will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as rope climbing, canoeing, ziplining and many more! We will close the evening by building a campfire, making s’mores, and reminiscing on what an eventful three years we have had at BUGS.

We have raised most of the money for our trip from our families and from bake sales. We are short $1500 needed to do this trip; we need your help! In the spirit of generosity, please donate and help us meet our goal.

A $45 donation will cover one student’s wonderful experience at Greenkill (including food).   BUGS is paying for the bus service.

Every little bit will help.

This is our last chance to make memories that we will cherish for a lifetime!


the steps

As soon as we’ve raised enough funds for our 8th grade class, we will prepare for our trip!

We will be organized into groups with our friends and we’ll be able to sign up for activities including canoeing, ziplining, and high ropes courses. On the day of our trip, we’ll drive to Hugenot, New York where the staff of Greenkill Outdoor Education Center will lead us in a day of activities and fun!


why we're doing it

We are excited to do this trip together and have an outdoor education experience that many of us have never had access to [Half of our 8th grade student population receives free or reduced price lunch, which means it can be difficult for families contribute to paying dues for trips]. We are doing this fundraiser to supplement the money we raised [Greenkill is one of the ways we are closing the gaps that exist between students from low income families and middle-high income families].



Disbursement Budget:

Same as original budget.

RAISED = $1,580.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $45.00

Original Budget:

We have 32 students. The trip activities (including food) costs 45 per student. The total cost equals $1,440. We are asking for  $1,500, with the additional $60 to be used for unforseen costs. 

SUBTOTAL = 1,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $45



We Did It!

Thanks to your generosity and hard work, we have reached our fundraising goal of $1,500 for our 8th Grade Trip to Greenkill YMCA Outdoor Nature Center! It has been nothing short of amazing to witness our BUGS friends, families, and donors come together to send our children on the trip of a lifetime. They have worked so hard to raise money this year and it only took three days for our community to reach the finish line together. Today our students are having a great time communing with nature and each other, thanks to you! Please share this great news and photos on social media.



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