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the project

 In March was said goodbye to Red Dragon. She was great for us and helped us do so much! She loved carrying people, transporting goods and supplies, and moving donated clothes. It has now been over 6 months that our ministry has operated without a vehicle to call our own. This has forced us to borrow vehicles from other organizations or simply not have the capacity to invite more people to our events and take in more donations. 

In August, we were approached by Young Lives East Hills, to purchase their 12 passenger van. After checking the van out, we think this will be the perfect way to bless both ministries, and help us increase our ability to care for the homeless here in Pittsburgh! This IOBY Project seeks to help the ministry purchase, slightly repair and insure the van, right before our biggest event of the year, ALIVE 2018, in November. 

the steps

September 12th- October 8th: Run IOBY fundraiser

October 9th: Meet with YoungLives East Hills to sign all paperwork and get title

October 9th: Transfer Title to LIVING Ministry and get van insured

October 10th: Begin moving clothing donations for ALIVE 2018

October 15th - 22nd: Have small repairs done on the van

October 23rd....: Use van to enhance ministry operations! 


why we're doing it

Most of the homeless do not have vehicles. Because of that, getting to events, job fairs, clothing distribution centers and appointments are extremely difficult. Also, collecting large amounts of donations is also difficult to do in our staff's personal cars. We have one organization that wants to donate 150 pairs of shoes for the homeless, which we would not receive without a larger vehicle to transport. In August, we helped a woman move into a new apartment, and had to take several trips trying to squeeze all of her belongings into a small car. This wastes gas, time, and money! Having a large van for the ministry would solved all of these issues and provide many new opportunities as well. We could return to helping people move off of the streets into shelter, could get more of the homeless to community and ministry events, and could ensure that we always can pick up donations that are offered that can help us better care for the homeless. 


Disbursed budget (10.14.18):

$5,100 Van purchase price
$100 Gas for Van
$600 Small Van Repairs
$1300 1st Year of Van Insurance
$350 Title Transfer fees
$250 Van Detailing
$7,700 Subtotal

RAISED = $7,960.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $230.83


Original budget:

$5100 Van purchase price

$50 Gas for Van

$350 Small Van Repairs

$1500 1st Year of Van Insurance


Project Subtotal =  $7,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $210
Total to raise on ioby = $7,245




We Did It!!

We did it! We raised enough money and actually purchased the van this weekend. It is sitting at our office and we will be moving our first set of donated clothes later this week. Thanks so much for making this possible. You truly are a gift from God!

Almost there!!

We are just $605 away from hitting our goal! We have another for the purchase price of the van and will be transferring it over to the ministry's name on Saturday (10/6). Please tell your friends that we still need a few more donations to cover our insurance and a few minor repairs. And all donations will be matched by the Buhl Foundation!


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