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HSA In Action!

the project

Hello, my name is Josie. I am a member of the African American Diaspora that live in the USA. My personal story is that it took me 2 years to book a trip to my country of origin, in Africa. I thought about my journey and decided it shouldn't be THAT difficult for people like me to visit their home country. Not only are finances an issue with the diaspora, but there is also a seemingly programmed fear of their own home country! I plan to change this by starting a nonprofit that educates African Americans about their home continent and also assists them with fees associated with travel to Africa. Home Sweet Africa has social media and a youtube channel where we distribute valuable information to the diaspora. We intend to conduct online and eventually in person educational workshops as well. Once we reach 501c3 status and fundraise enough, we will implement our grant program Africa Travel Fund. This program is designed to assist with passport, visa, and airline fees associated with travel to Africa. HSA is currently operating with social media and open zoom forums where we give the African American Diaspora a voice. 

the steps

Once we have the funds in hand we will pay the legal fees to Anderson Business Advisors, the state of Nevada, and the IRS. We will work with our Lawyers to make sure that we secure a solid foundation for the future. Once we get 501c3 status we will start funraising for the Africa Travel Fund. We are already creating for our YouTube Channel and will continue. We will also continue our social media efforts and schedule more workshops as well. 

why we're doing it

I am doing this project because I know first hand what it's like to not be connected to your own culture. I am an African American myself and know how our demographic feels. Giving the diaspora a chance to connect with "home" can help them heal from the trauma of how we got here and reconcile the identy crisis within. This journey can bring a sense of wholness that has potential to blossom into more confident and productive diaspora in the USA. They will have learned about their culture and gained a sense of pride in their ancestry. The will to do more and create change will be easier to cultivate. 


Disbursed budget:

Our mission is still to educate the Diaspora with essential information about traveling home. With this smaller budget, we will be instead investing in freelancers so that they can handle the social media, and pay for subscriptions we need so that we can host webinars about traveling (zoom, website, etc.). 

TOTAL RAISED = $574.44
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $28.73
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $17.24

Original Budget:

The nonprofit package is $4500 plus state($275) and federal filing fees($275) and ($135) registered agent fee.

Non-Profit Package Includes:
1-hour Quick Start call
Non-profit corporation or public benefit company formation
1-year resident agent service
Obtain tax I.D. number
Attorney drafted bylaws
Completion of long form 1023
Detailed narrative with program and activity descriptions
Citation of appropriate revenue rulings, treasury regulations, court decisions, if applicable
OFAC compliance statement (for organizations operating outside of the U.S.)
4-year financial budget and projections
Respond to IRS inquiries
State franchise tax registration and exemption (CA and TX)
Non-profit advisor academy membership (online training)
Unlimited access to live monthly webinars
Professional case management
IRS licensed third-party representation
Documents archived and priority mailed to client and IRS
Unlimited phone and email support
Guaranteed IRS exemption approval
The following schedules where applicable:
Completion of Schedule A (Church)
Completion of Schedule B (School)
Completion of Schedule C (Hospital or Medical Research)
Completion of Schedule D (Supporting Organization – additional charge)
Completion of Schedule E (Organizations applying after 27 months)
Completion of Schedule H (Scholarship of Financial Grants Programs)
Affordable housing, elder housing, transitional housing, special needs housing, also include:
Completion of Schedule F (Housing)
Membership to the National Affordable Housing Foundation (NAHA) Online Academy
HUD allowable income and rent standards for the respective metropolitan statistical area
IRS filing fee not included in package price

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $285
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $5,690.22

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.


HSA In Action!

November 27th 2020

Yolanda S. via FB

Let me leave it right here

Josie Jackson

YOU ROCK!!!!! Thank you so much for helping me with everything..... you are so patient you never once said no to anything when it came down to helping me with the process of paperwork for Ghana  This young lady stayed up late night explaining to me how everything will be SHE MADE SURE MY TRIP WOULD BE SAFE!!!!she walked me through the whole process she stayed on the phone with me from the post office she was on the phone with me in FedEx she showed me how to create a profile for my labels she never left that phone until I got my receipt and walked out that door if you all need any help with information for passport visa or just transitioning you got it call her up so I urge everyone that’s reading this post DONATE TO———->(HOME SWEET AFRICA) YOU WANT BE DISAPPOINTED I NEEDED THEM AND THEY MADE IT HAPPEN...


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