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the project

This spring I am reaching out to you, my friends and family, to raise $750 to support the critical work of Enlace. Enlace has been changing lives through campaigning and training for racial and economic justice for twenty years. I believe whole heartedly in this work and invite you to join me in being part of the Enlace community. 


Enlace was founded in 1998 by an international coalition of low wage workers who convened in Mexico City to discuss strategies for confronting transnational corporations and NAFTA policies that were harming communities. Over the past two decades, Enlace has built a powerful, campaign-informed methodology that supports directly impacted communities in winning victories for racial and economic justice. Enlace centers women of color and LGBTQ individuals in our staff, programs, and campaigns.


the steps

Current Programs and Campaigns:

  • We Rise: This is a healing justice and leadership development program women and gender nonconforming organizers of color that builds supportive community, grows organizing skills, and shares practices for personal and collective healing that are essential for sustaining organizing for the long-haul.
  • Umoja Youth Program: This program is a resource available to Black youth here in Portland, affirming of TQLBG community, to help provide opportunities for civic and political engagement. This program works to empower Black youth through political education, group dialogues, and critical thinking.  Umoja enhances the skills youth already have and applies them to grassroots organizing.
  • Delfino Leadership Institute: As a part of the New York Worker Center Federation, Enlace supports an annual cohort of worker-leaders in deepening their skills, creating campaigns, and sharing experiences to address labor exploitations in workplaces across the city.
  • National Prison Divestment Campaign: The Prison Divestment Campaign has worked with groups at churches, universities, and city pension funds to moved over $4.1 billion dollars in investments out of the private prison industry, which turns a profit by lobbying for more prisons and is currently a key driver of the mass incarceration of immigrant families. This campaign is led by a coalition of Black and brown led organizations united in fighting mass incarceration and immigrant detention, and is convened by Enlace.
  • Freedom Cities: After the election of the Trump administration, workers united in a call for a visionary movement for thriving communities—Freedom Cities. Enlace has partnered with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration to grow this movement for Justice that addresses what cities would look like if they focused on equity in work and housing, right relationship with the land, and safety for LGBTQ folks and immigrant families.

why we're doing it

Enlace's work builds thriving communities that center the safety and vibrancy of immigrant families, low wage workers, LGBTQ folks, and Black and brown leadership. We are confronting systems that cause harm, and moving resources to grow visionary alternatives grounded in mutual support and self determination. 


Disbursed budget (12.5.18):




RAISED = $931.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $27.12


Original budget:


ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $23
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $773



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