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Sixth Avenue and Charlton Street
(Soho/South Village)
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the project

Charlton Plaza is managed by the Charlton Street Block Association. We want to hire The Horticultural Society of New York again this year, as we have for the past two summers, to help maintain the park.

the steps

The Hort will fill the park with flowers; prune trees and shrubs as necessary; mulch the soil; and make bi-weekly visits to inspect and clean the park.

In addition, we have a terrific team of neighborhood volunteers who water the park every day during the summer. New volunteers are always welcome.

why we're doing it

Charlton Plaza can look great again this summer. But we need your financial support to retain The Hort and make it happen. Won’t you help with a contribution?

Thank you.


Additions of perennials, small shrubs and ground cover – $1,700.00

Seasonal annual plantings – $2,200.00

Spring cleanup – $1,250.00

Bi-weekly maintenance by The Hort – $4,600.00

Fall cleanup and wintering of the park – $1,250.00

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