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Francis C
Sedgwick Avenue
The Bronx (Kingsbridge Heights )
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the project

To improve the Washington walk, we want to reprint our brochure, create a newsletter, prepare a press releas and conduct a park cleanup day.

The Washington Walk is not adequately maintained and is in need of community participation. With the formation of a Friends of Washington Walk, we will be able to remind the residents of the value of the park. The target audience are the youth (13- 25 years old) and Adults who frequent the park. There are two areas which are highly used, the playground near Sedgwick Avenue and the Kiddie playground near Strong Street. Both areas are frequently occupied.

There are several schools nearby which utilize the playgrounds for recreation.  In addition, the youth use the basketball courts afterschool and on weekends. A major issue is the lack of a comfort station in the playground on Sedgewick Avenue. Over two hundred residents have signed petitions to have a comfort station in the park. We reached out to the local Community Board and the Parks Department to request a bathroom in the Sedgewick Ave playground. 

We want to use our brochure to publicize our Friends of the Park group and as a survey to get feedback from the community on their ideas for park usage.

the steps

We will prepare and distribute a newsletter to increase awareness of our project.  Write a press release for publication by the local newspapers. In addition, we will send emails and flyers to communicate with other agencies in the community to inform them of the Friends of Washington Walk group and encourage them to join the group.

why we're doing it

The Washington Walk is not adequately maintained and we feel by getting the community involved, we will have a better park.  This will also remind the residents of the value of the park.  The high usage of the playgrounds and the fact that the grass is overgrown cries out for improvement and having the Friends of Washington Walk to monitor the park will be a good value for the community. We will continue to seek signatures on petitions for a comfort station in Washington Walk Park.


Disbursed Budget (2.20.2017)

RAISED = $20.00


less ioby Platform Fee waived


less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived




Reproduce 500 brochures - $ 800.00

Print newsletter - $ 100.00

Prepare press release - $ 50.00

Park cleanup day - $ 50.00

SUBTOTAL = $1,000

ioby Platform fee - $ 35.00

ioby Donation Processing fee (3%) - $ 15.00

(need to account for the other $500 of spending)

TOTAL TO RAISE = $ 1,050.00


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