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the project

The Heights neighborhood is located in the heart of the city of Memphis. Despite our location we have limited access to public green space like parks. When we looked at a map of our neighborhood it became evident that there was a unique oppurtunity. National Street runs directly through the center of our neighborhood and has great potential for becoming a public green space and can add connectivity to our community. National Street used to be a trolly line that transported people from Memphis out to Raleigh Springs. Today the wide street has a green median with a few existing trees. With 89 feet of public right away there is room to widen the median and transform the street into a pedistrian and bike friendly promenade. This transformation would not only create much needed a shared green space but it would also serve as a connector between the Wolf River Greenway and the Shelby Farms Greenline. Our proposed project is to develop a prototype or temporary demonstration of a one block strip of what we call the Heights Line. The overarching goals of the Heights Line demonstration project is to make a case for an investment in equitable transportation infrastructure, encourage social interaction, catalyze the redevelopment of the trolley-era commercial center, and re-imagine the identity of the neighborhood through the shared use of public space. 

the steps

March - Design Charrette - complete

March - Fundraising for match funds $5,000.00 - complete

May - Form neighborhood steering committee - in progress

May-August - Collect Data on "before"conditions - in progress

July - crowdsourcing fundreaising with IOBY!

August - pre-fabrication of components

October - prototype install and programming; impact monitoring

November - cleanup and field surveys


why we're doing it

The Heights Line project will be a game changer for our neighborhood. We believe that it has the potential to increase the health and safety for our community. We believe that there are a lot of great things about our neighborhood but people drive around our community. This project would invite people in as well as give us better access to some to our city's new amenities. 


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/11/17):

Total: 10,977.46

RAISED = $11,082.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $321.76
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $10,725.24



Planters provide greening elements as well as a buffer between vehicular traffic and the pedestrian promenade. Construction can be kept fairly simple, with reclaimed and off-the- shelf components. Easily assembled by volunteers.SIZE: ~18” x 48” x 24” COST: $60 each (including plant material) QUANTITY: 16-20

Taking advantage of the best shade along the promenade, a hammock grove provides an opportunity for extended use of the space. Will require setting one or two posts opposite the tree. SIZE: area 15 ft x 40 ft COST: $60 - $100 QUANTITY: 4

Moveable tables and chairs offer options for outdoor dining, board/card game playing, and general socializing. The bistro style mimics many plazas from around the world. SIZE: table – 28” round; chair 18 lbs COST: $75 QUANTITY: 5

Seating is instrumental to successful public spaces, and the bench is classic. Various styles can be easily fabricated from volunteers using new or reclaimed lumber materials. SIZE: 4 ft – 8 ft COST: $30 - $90 QUANTITY: 8 - 12

Crosswalks and bike lane buffers will be painted using white latex/spray paint in such a way that they can remain after the prototype intervention is over. COST: $60-$100

Extending the median curb defines the promenade and creates the centerpiece for the interventions. Straw wattle is commonly used for this; however, landscaping timbers between concrete blocks may offer an affordable alternative.


Project Subtotal        $10,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300



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