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the project

My name is Kiendra Williams and I am the Executive Producer of Hearts Homes.

Hearts Homes is an program that gives homeless people confidence and guidance on getting their life back together. And I will helping them with that by having workshops where they can learn interview tips on what to do when they receive an job interview. They will be given motivational speeches to let them know everything isn’t over and that they have people that's out here that believe in them and care no matter what the circumstances may be or seem like.

I want to help homeless people but helping them by getting their confidence back first of all. Because getting knocked down that low you don’t feel like yourself. So helping them with getting their hair done nice clean clothes that fit a nice warm bath with a clean bed. I want to hold a workshop to help them with interview skills on how to get a job and places that are willing to help them no matter what their situations are.  So if you really want to help just don’t drive past them help them. If you really care volunteer because it’s people out there that's homeless that's willing to give you the clothes off their back. There are some real genuine people out there like my family.  So just like A C Wharton building and community have something inside those housing programs that will benefit them instead of just pulling them from their community isolating them from everyone but housing them and giving them help in areas they need help in.



the steps

To complete this project I will have more clothes drives at schools and churches. I will reach out to homeless shelters and I will also use the money donated to get women hair done and men hair cut. So going out to barber shops/beauty shops telling them about my idea and what I am trying to do. Having sessions to give women/men motivational speaks and having volunteers come out to talk to them as well.

why we're doing it

I am doing this because there are 1700 homeless people in Memphis and 250 of those people sleep outside. 


Funds will be spent on purchasing coats, salon costs for prepping women for interviews, hygiene necessities, and the rest will go toward purchasing food for an event.


SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $125
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $75



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