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the project

The Healthy Hair Movement, a nonprofit organization, who is dedicated to educating and empowering young girls and woman about natural hair care and self-acceptance. We organize a variety of programs such as workshops, conferences, and interactive sessions that focus on the importance of embracing all natural hair textures. These events often feature educational panels, guest speakers, and live styling sessions to promote confidence and support within the community. Through these activities, the Healthy Hair Movement aims to create a positive impact on the self-esteem of young girls and women by reinforcing the beauty of healthy natural hair.

the steps

When the  Healthy Hair Movement receives funding, here are some of the actions and projects planned:

    1.    Host the Healthy Hair Movement Expo: A large-scale event featuring workshops, product demonstrations, and expert panels to educate and empower individuals on natural hair care.
    2.    Distribute Free Back-to-School Boxes: Provide essential hair care products and educational materials to school-aged children, helping them start the school year with confidence in their natural hair.
    3.    Expand Educational Workshops: Increase the number and reach of workshops to offer more comprehensive training and support on natural hair care techniques and products.
    4.    Develop Online Resources: Create and enhance online content such as tutorials, webinars, and a resource library to reach a broader audience and provide access to hair care education globally.
    5.    Community Engagement Initiatives: Strengthen community ties through meet-ups, support groups, and collaboration with local businesses and professionals in the hair care industry.
    6.    Research and Development: Invest in research to better understand the specific needs and challenges of natural hair care within the community, leading to better products and services.

These initiatives aim to build a more informed and supportive environment for individuals embracing their natural hair, thereby enhancing the overall impact of the Healthy Hair Movement.

why we're doing it

The founder of the Healthy Hair Movement, drawing on nearly a decade of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, established the organization to fill the gap in natural hair education and support that she experienced growing up. With my professional background and deep understanding of different hair textures and care techniques, I aimed to empower young girls and women of color to embrace and celebrate their natural hair. With my personal and professional journey  I hope to inspire the creation of a community-focused initiative that not only addresses hair care but also enhances self-esteem and identity among women especially women of color.


$10,000 Healthy Hair Movement Back to School Expo in Fayetteville, AR and Pine Bluff, AR

$5000 Back to School Haircare Boxes


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