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the project

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami's flagship public hospital that serves the underprivileged population of Miami-Dade, is urban and devoid of tranquil green spaces that promote healing. We want to change this. Our project will transform an underutilized green space on the Jackson Memorial Hospital campus into a healing garden. Healing gardens are proven to improve patient and staff wellbeing by providing space for relaxation and psychological restoration while being surrounded by intrinsically soothing plants and trees. We want to create a quiet space of refuge, where one’s senses are completely immersed in nature.

But that’s not all. Despite the existence of multiple attractive green spaces and courtyards on the University of Miami’s side of the campus, patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital are unaware of these existing green spaces due to lack of connectivity. We have identified a vacant lot that once transformed into a healing garden can both function as a sanctuary for patients from the confinement of the hospital, and serve as the missing link to the existing green spaces on the UM part of campus. With this project, we hope to improve signage on campus and improve connectivity between existing green spaces so that patients and staff can access these spaces more easily. 

Being a team of landscape architects and health-care professionals, we recognize that not all healing gardens are created equal. For best results, we plan on doing thorough research and apply evidence-based design methods to create a healing garden that becomes a model healing landscape in Miami. All our work and research will be documented.

the steps

There will be several stages to our project. The first stage will involve baseline surveys and review of existing scientific literature regarding healing gardens and effective design. This is also the stage in which we will be promoting the project to gain community support. The first stage will conclude with a presentation in January 2016 of the final design to stakeholders and the community to receive feedback and final approval to implement the garden. The second stage of the project will involve implementing phase I of our design. A community Build-day event in Summer 2016 will allow the public to get involved in the construction of the garden. This event will be coordinated with Citizens for a Better South Florida and Hands on Miami. After the construction of the healing garden, another round of rapid assessment surveys will be administered to assess the usage of the garden by patients, students and staff. We hope to explore the impact of the healing garden on the hospital community and pinpoint future areas of improvements to incorporate into future phases of the garden. The final stage of the project planned for completion by Summer 2017 will involve implementing phase II of the design once all additional funding is secured.

why we're doing it

Jackson Memorial Hospital is the flagship hospital that serves the underprivileged population of Miami-Dade. The existing outdoor spaces outside of the hospital could use more green spaces that are more conducive to relaxation and healing. Our proposed design will provide a space of refuge and relaxation for patients, students and staff, while linking Jackson Memorial Hospital's main public plaza to a series of underused green spaces that already exist on campus. This much needed connection will form a 'healing loop' previously inaccessible to patients in the public hospital. 


PHASE I Estimated Budget:

Construction supplies + Materials (Hardscape) = 1,000 x $10/SF = $10,000

Planting supplies + Materials (Softscape) = 4,000 x $3/SF = $12,000

Contractor Services = $5,000

Site Furniture = $3,000

Volunteer Events = $1,000

Consultant Services (Lighting + Irrigation + Signage) = $6,000 + ($3,000 in-kind)

Civic Research Fellow I (Student) = $3,000

TOTAL = $40,000


SUBTOTAL = $40,000
ioby Platform Fee (paid for by The Miami Foundation) $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)  (paid for by The Miami Foundation) $2,000
Payment Processing Fee (3%)  (paid for by The Miami Foundation) $1,200
TOTAL TO RAISE = $40,000


All additional funding raised will go towards Phase II design &

*PHASE II Estimated Budget ($75,000)*

Construction supplies + Materials (Hardscape) = 2,000 x $8/SF = $16,000

Planting supplies + Materials (Softscape) = 3,000 x $3/SF = $9,000

Consultant Services (Structural Engineering + Design) = $10,000

Contractor Services = $10,000 + ($3,000 in-kind)

Shade Structure = $18,000

Water Fountain = $12,000


RAISED = $20,200.00
less ioby Platform Fee covered by The Miami Foundation $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) covered by The Miami Foundation $933.56
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) covered by The Miami Foundation $560.14
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $20,200.00



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