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the project

At Healing by Choice!, we believe that each person is an expert of their own experience, body and needs, and that it is necessary to address the roots of trauma and injustice for individual and collective transformation. We do this through offering a range of healing modalities for self-care and the reduction of racial harm in mind, body, spirit, and institution. Some of the modalities we work through include Reiki, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Peace Circles, Herbal Consultations, Ear Acupuncture, Massage, and Food as Medicine. Our hope is that in addition to our own areas of expertise, that all core collaborators of HbC! have a base set of shared tools and knowledge (for example, emotional first aid, physical first aid, herbal first aid, etc.).  We fulfill our mission and carry out these modalities through collaborative movement building efforts. 

Some of our most formative accomplishments have come from being identified as a ‘go-to’ healing group for those entering Detroit looking to host events. Facing Race, the Women’s March, and Creating Change have hired us to offer healing circles and safety measures when Detroit has been a host city. Still, it's our local work that drives us. It is with our neighbors, friends, and fellow organizers that we reimagine what is possible for Detroit. Working with local and national folx means that we are increasing awareness about how interweaving healing inside of activist work is imperative.

In 2019, Healing by Choice! hopes to grow by hiring an additional co-madre (co-director) and expanding our capacity to offer services. We are still building out infrastructure to ensure that Healing by Choice! can be a better sustained community resource. We need your support!  

For more information on us and to get to know our practitioners visit:

the steps

With funding to support our mission of increasing the wellness and capacity of our community, Healing by Choice! intends to use these resources in the upcoming year to:

  • Offer community healing events 

  • Hold two staff retreats to ensure all core members are trained in the same baseline modalities

  • Bring on a co-madre (co-director) to support us in growing our work in Detroit

why we're doing it

We center our work in Detroit and support our friends nationally with developing tools for navigating emotional, spiritual, and physical trauma created by oppressive systems.  Our commitment to internal and interpersonal work supports us in growing our capacity for the healing justice needed to undo harm and move towards creating a more equitable world.

HbC! understands the power dynamics that come with being women of color of different ancestries in a predominantly Black city built on the Indigenous land of Anishinabek (Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatami), Haudenosaunee, Miami, and Peoria nations. We don’t get it all right, but we stay engaged, and continue to work interdependently to bring together the knowledge and wisdom of our respective lineages for the purpose of collective healing.


Our strategies work in situations of scarce resources but abundant hearts. We are resilient to resource scarcity because we reframe what is considered ‘work’ and take inventory of our communal resources, history, and knowledge. With support of donations to this fundraiser, financial resources would be use to further amplify the significance of healing work for the purpose of collective liberation. We would use it to:

  • Offer community healing circles two times per year

  • Offer core collaborator retreats twice annually to ensure all core members are trained in the same baseline modalities

  • Hire facilitators for community trainings for core collaborators to build skills to share with our communities

  • Website maintenance

  • Supplies and administrative tasks

  • Promotional material

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