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the project

Firsthand Learning resources are used widely with schools, community nonprofits, and environmental organizations. Our goal is to promote the process of scientific inquiry as a vehicle for learning. We anticipate 1,250 students receiving our journals across North America. 

We believe in keeping curiosity alive so students want to learn more and continue with science and STEM based skills. Resources will be distributed across 30 states, including the Buffalo Public Schools, Massachusetts Avenue Project, and Friends of Five Rivers.

the steps

This project will:

  • Donate and offer free journals to organizations that use Firsthand Learning resources
  • Offer a one-to-one match for our Field Journal, Archaeology Journal, Engineering Notebook, and Young Observer's Notebook
  • Support student growth and professional development for inquiry based learning
  • Cross-pollinate ideas through lesson plans and activities with students and educators in the field
  • Provide an additional 1,250 students with our resources

why we're doing it

Funding constraints prevent many organizations from being able to educate students about the world around them. This fundraiser will provide resources that are designed to assist classroom teachers and informal educators as they promote learning from direct experiences. Providing resources that will help students learn to think scientifically is our primary goal of this fundraiser. 

Learn more about us on our website and social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Disbursed Budget 11.18.19

$2,103 - 760 Firsthand Learning Journals allowing students to record observations, write down questions and reflect upon their investigations

$169.63 - Transport of Journals through Freight Delivery

TOTAL RAISED = $2,379.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $71.37

Original Budget 7.29.19:

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $93

$2,813.00 - 1,250 Firsthand Learning Journals allowing students to record observations, write down questions, and reflect upon their investigations. 

$169.00 - Transport of Journals through Freight Delivery 


Spooky Halloween Donations

We're incredibly excited to have raised enough to support 750 students with hands-on nature based resources!  Only a few days left to increase this level allowing addtional students and educators to recieve these resrouces. Please share and/or contribute!  


Many wishes,

The Firsthand Learning Team

One week left!

The feedback and support from the community is impressive!  Thank you.  At our current fundraising amount, we are able to assist 600 students with hands-on inquiry based resources.  We look forward to continue this momentum in hopes of supporting more students, teachers and schools. 


Warmest regards,

The Firsthand Learning Team

Raising enough to support 375 students

Thank you for the continuous support in our fundraiser!  We have surpassed 33% of our goal allowing us to assist nearly 380 students with nature based hands-on initiatives.  We look forward to increase this amount over the duration of our fundraiser and are thrilled with this community impact.



The Firsthand Learning Team

Nearly 20% Raised

Thank you to our friends and community for supporting Firsthand Learning and reaching our first milestone!  

We are so excited to enable 200 students with our hands-on inquiry based journals.  As our campiagn develops, we hope to secure funding to assist additional students across our schools, non-profits and environmental organizations for nature based learning.  Please share and spread this message to those in the educational field that would like to recieve samples. 


Sincere regards,

The Firsthand Learning Team


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