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Candius E
20103 Danbury St
(State Fair/Nolan Neighborhood)
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the project

The expansion of our current community farm operation is an exciting part of this project. By cultivating the land to grow food for community consumption, we are aiming to promote self-sustainability and healthy eating habits. Furthermore, it encourages the community to take an active role in food production, understanding where their food comes from, and appreciating the effort that goes into it.

This project goes beyond the physical transformation of a vacant lot. It's about transforming the community's relationship with the land and with each other. It's about teaching the value of sustainability, fostering a sense of pride in our community, and promoting unity and mutual support.

What we hope to accomplish is not just a beautifully transformed space, but a place that is loved, cared for, and frequently visited by the community. We want to create a space that is not just for the community, but truly belongs to the community - a space that they are proud of and have a sense of ownership and responsibility for.

the steps

Phase 1:

1) Invite the community to participate in the project in whatever way they are comfortable with.

2) Finishing removing blight and invasive species trees and plants and excavate lots.

why we're doing it

Like many communities in Detroit, the Nolan neighborhood is a socially disadvantaged, disenfranchised, underserved and undervalued BIPOC community. Workin' Roots was created to join the fight against these issues by cleaning up the neighborhood and holding space for community members to reconnect with the land, themselves and each other. We encourage our neighbors to take care of themselves by growing our own healthy food choices. We are actively showing and proving that that bit by bit we can make our community what we want and need it to be for us.



Excavate 4 lots w/ tree removal $10,000


TOTAL RAISED $10,100.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 5% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 3% $153.00


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  • Black E.
  • Freedom C.
  • Shalyndra I.
  • Brenda Mae S.
  • Andrea S.
  • Ifaniyi W.
  • Azuri N.
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