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the project

We aim to create a sustainable and lasting fund to motivate programming events for the community. We hope that in establishing this fund through IOBY, we are able to raise enough funds through community awareness such that we harness the interest and excitement of all those involved. By contributing to this fund, we are all creating the type of community support we wish to invest in. Importantly, as the programming will be directed by the talents of those within our community it is inherently an opportunity for individuals to express themselves in the ways they find most necessary. Further, by targeting a fundraising aim as a sustainable fund, we hope to create something that our neighbors can rely on for years to come. This is a chance to focus not only on recovery from the past to years but to shift our focus to growth into the future. 

the steps

After completing our fundraising goal in Summer 2023, these funds will be able to support events that occur throughout the Harlem Rose Garden season. We will ensure that the space is ready for hosting events - sometimes the chairs might need a fresh coat of paint! Then, each season, we aim to host six events. If able to meet our goal, this fund will provide support for five years, through the 2028 season. 

why we're doing it

Located in the heart of Harlem, the Harlem Rose Garden embodies the spirit of the community. In 2020, with the aid of our community, we recovered from a storm that greatly damaged our entire space during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we built a memorial space for individuals in the garden to commemorate those lost to COVID-19 and ongoing social injustice and inequity. We aim to continue to serve this community by creating a safe space for all of our neighbors to come together and commemorate both the incredible history of the area as well as the thriving talent that presently exists. To this end, we have seen individuals come together to share not only their talents, but also their stories, passions, hardships, and hopes. We hope that the Harlem Rose Garden can continue to be a place where the entire neighborhood feels not only welcome to come relax, but encouraged to come together as a group of and for the entire community.


Final budget


All funds collected will be applied to hosting events in our community garden located in Harlem over the next 5-6 seasons. We usually host 5-6 events every year and offer an average honorarium of $150 to $200 to our performers per event. We will use the funds to pay these honorariums, as well as to provide adequate equipment for them (eg sound system). 

Original budget

We are aiming to create a sustainable fund to support events in the garden for a period of five years. This will not only allow us to establish continuous programming, but more importantly, it will provide the capacity to ensure that Harlem Rose Garden continues to serve as a place that will highlight the voices in our community. 

We estimate a budget of $200/event in order to provide supplies, an honorarium to the artist, and maintain the space for events. With a goal of 6 events per year and a target to create a fund that will support this work for a period of 5 years, we aim to raise $6000 total!

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