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Harlem Dance Club Presents: MOTHERSHIP TWO is a free special event at the Richard Rodgers Amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park that showcases a diverse roster of talent across a dramatic spectrum of genres, while providing opportunity for public participation and engagement with the guest artists.

MOTHERSHIP TWO is a cultural event that invites everyone to participate. The format provides natural onramps to those who tend to be more comfortable in the spectator role. All participants are encouraged to explore their relationship with dance in a safe and inclusive environment - a core objective of our organization.

MOTHERSHIP TWO will expand on one of the most successful elements of MOTHERSHIP ONE -- free performance workshops open to the public that culminate with a showing on the MOTHERSHIP stage. We believe that the public participation cultivated through these workshops -- a group of community members working with one teaching artist beginning in July and running up to the event -- is the centerpiece of the mothership concept, with non-professional dancers taking center stage.

MOTHERSHIP TWO will offer more opportunities for workshop participation. We look for teaching artists who provide a historical and cultural context to their work and offer them the role of creative director of a specific "block" of thematic programming on the mothership stage. Creative directors will be given a budget to curate guest artists, live musicians and DJ to build their block. Most importantly, they will be given the time, physical space and promotional support to offer a free multi-week workshop, open to the public, which culminates in a performance on the mothership. This format allows us to cultivate three parallel, but not necessarily overlapping communities of invested participants.

We expect to reach up to 1,500 people and 150 artists with this event.


the steps

May - Finalize visual and marketing assets for public distribution in June. 

May/June - Finalize details and guest artists for the Performance workshops. 

July 13th - info session for Performance Workshops to be held at Pelham Fritz - rehearsals will continue on a weekly basis from July through September.

July - Begin to collect signed deal memos with all participating artists.

July/August - Confirm technical team, audio and lighting rentals, stage design and installation plan.

September - Final production meetings, volunteer outreach, and rehearsals.

Monday, September 16th - Event walk through.

Saturday, September 21 - MOTHERSHIP TWO 



why we're doing it

HDC is a hub where a multigenerational community can express their personal relationship with dance and have that relationship nurtured in a safe and inclusive environment, free of judgement. In 2018, Harlem Dance Club offered two months of free Guest Artist Workshops, two free performance workshops (Afro-dance and Praise dance,) and launched MOTHERSHIP ONE, a free interactive voyage of music and dance. Since 2016, Harlem Dance Club has offered its programming at Pelham Fritz Recreation Center, a facility of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation located in Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park. Harlem Dance Club is Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

Harlem Dance Club aims to deliver dance programming and lifestyle to everybody, therefore we have a very broad idea of who our target audience is. Geographically, our primary target audience continues to be Harlem residents, first and foremost, but we would like to foster a global community, with all participants bringing in their background and experiences into the fold.

Our target audience is specifically interested in social dances, and experiencing social dances in a social setting (versus a strictly theatrical or "studio" setting.) Within the social setting, we want to continue to offer a welcoming onramp to the “shy” dancer. By showcasing a substantive performance component throughout MOTHERSHIP TWO, we are also able to cater to those who tend to be more comfortable in the spectator role.

In building Harlem Dance Club, we continually evaluate whether we are meeting a need that is not already being served. The best way for us to asses this is through candid feedback from individuals who are just learning about us. When we receive positive feedback from native Harlemites or Parisian ex-pats, and they tell us that we are on to something special, we know we are reaching our target audience.



Disbursed Budget 6.10.19:

Artist's fees. $2000
Set Design $500
Stage Manager $400
Lighting Design $800
Set Design $800
Light & Sound Rental $1000
Costumes $953
Marketing & Promotion $1000
Total $7453

TOTAL RAISED = $7,720.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $231.60

Original Budget:

Artist's fees                                    $2900

Set Design                                      $800

Stage Manager                                    $500

Lighting Designer                                  $1000

Set Designer                                   $1000

Lighting and Sound Rental                              $1550

Costumes                                        $1000

Marketing and Promotion                              $1250


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345





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