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HANDS - Building Together

the project

HANDS and our communities are living through extraordinary times.  We are achieving our long-term goals for neighborhood revitalization and meeting the needs of the moment.  HANDS has evolved our long standing strategies overlaying a Social Determinants of Health framework. This recognizes the social, economic and environmental factors that lead to healthy, stable individuals and families and defines HANDS' brand of comprehensive high-impact community development.  HANDS has sharpened and affirmed our fight for equitable and resilient communities by reducing disparities through building community wealth and civic infrastructure and developing quality affordable places to live and work.

This year, we are responding to the urgent needs of the community as well as addressing the deep-rooted disparities that burden low and moderate income communities and people of color. HANDS is launching three new initiatives to build community wealth. 

  • We are providing financial capabilities training to empower area residents to build a sustainable future and strengthen their resilience in tough times.  After holding our first two Manage Your Money workshops in November 2020 and February 2021, we are planning additional group workshops and to collaborate with experts to provide individuals with one-on-one coaching to reach a financial goal like purchasing a home or saving for college or retirement. 
  • HANDS is piloting a Home Improvement Program providing small grants to homeowners to invest in their biggest asset and strengthen their finances to assure their stability.  Grants can pay for building system upgrades like a new furnace or roof, energy efficient improvements like new windows or remediate hazards like asbestos and lead. 
  • HANDS continues to support our small business tenants with affordable rents and assistance in applying for resources available during COVID-19. We will soon launch a small business support program to provide training, grants for technology, equipment and facade improvements and connections to resources for a group of businesses in the Heart of Orange neighborhood in the center of Orange.

the steps

Manage Your Money Workshop 3: Financial Goal Setting - May 2021

Manage Your Money Workshops - future workshops on preparing for homeownership and reaching other major goals like paying for college, preparing for retirement and investing.  These will be followed with a referral to one-on-one coaching to reach a personal goal.

HANDS Home Improvement Grant Program - inaugural application period opened March 2021

HANDS Small Business Support Program - launching June 2021

why we're doing it

HANDS will continue to help residents and other stakeholders build and sustain healthy neighborhoods that provide economic, educational and cultural opportunities and outcomes rivaling those found in more affluent towns and cities. We grow programs and support partners that revitalize neighborhoods, grow the local economy and empower people.

The initiatives you support will:

  • Remove economic barriers by providing knowledge, opportunities and support
  • Create long-term sustainability and resilience for families, small businesses and communities as a whole
  • Grow a thriving economy
  • Grow stakeholder empowerment and civic participation and leadership - the more invested you are, the greater the motivation to participate



HANDS is excited to report that we raised $12,005.69 with our first crowdfunding campaign.  While we did not meet our goal, we have big plans to use your support to advance our programs.  Future Manage Your Money Workshops will include sessions geared to parents of teens and young children considering how to save for higher education and attain other financial goals.  With your support, our Small Business Support Grant Program is being refined to include a stronger coaching component.  We will celebrate our 35th Anniversary with a virtual event on October 21, 2021 (Save the Date!) and with the event proceeds and your support, we will expand HANDS’ capacity to build on community assets and meet challenges!
Thank you for Building Together!

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TOTAL RAISED = $12,377.00
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ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
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Provides support for attendance at a Manage Your Money Workshop - $25

Provides operating support in commemoration of HANDS 35th Anniversary - $35

Provides support for one-on-one Coaching for one family/individual to reach their financial goal - $100

Provides support for a homeowner applying for a HANDS Home Improvement Grant - $200

Provides support for a small business applying for a HANDS Small Business Support Grant -$300


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $774
TOTAL TO RAISE = $25,809




HANDS - Building Together


Many thanks for your generous donations!

You may have noticed that our campaign goal changed.  It was lowered to reflect donations received outside the ioby platform.

Please help get the word out about the campaign in the final days.

With appreciation,

The HANDS Board and Staff


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