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the project

Exploring the history of environmentalism through a Latino- Caribbean Lens to teach our neighbors that this is not a new phenomenon. Looking at how they composted, used vegetables for instruments, environmental activism from the past and present in our countries. These are our people and our practices and we challenge ourselves to continue to be Stewards of this planet.

There is a lot of buzz around environmentalism now through a European and Monetary perspective but it is in fact from Ancient African practices. We will redefine environmentalism within our Latino and Caribbean experiences. 

the steps

Step 1 - Planning committee 

Step 2- Contact musicians and instructors

Step 3 - Community outreach and promotion

Step 4 - Everybody comes together

why we're doing it

Neighborhoods like ours, comprised of Black and Brown immigrants suffer from environmental racism. We have more pollution, less access to nature, less access to healthy food and suffer from several other injustices. 

Remembering who we are and where we come from will encourage us to act and raise our voices against these inequalities. There is a connection with nature that was severed in this city and we are going to repair that. 


$3,000 - Build out a composting area that will serve the community for years

$3,000 - Musicians and educators that speak on environmentalism and incorporate sustainable practices in their music

$800 - Culturally significant food

$200 - Photo and video so we can share the info virtually


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