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Matching Funds are Done

the project

The Guadalupe Elementary School Arts committee seeks funds to have a mosaic mural created and installed on the exterior walls at the entrance of our school. The Arts committee has chosen the theme of “Peace” for a bright mosaic mural of child-drawn images in actions that promote peace in our community. The theme is important for connecting many initiatives the school has taken to address: arts education, community building and socio-emotional learning. The Arts committee has selected Create Peace Project (CPP), an arts-education organization, specializing as a Community Mural Service Provider, to refine a final design, facilitate, and install this mural to beautify our school. The project will take six weeks during the Fall of 2020

The expected community benefits are many.  This project will provide a hands-on arts education and a project-based learning experience for our students, staff, and families. Creating a mural  will serve as a community building enrichment, both for our school and the extended community; as families and community members will be invited to collaborate and create together. This mosaic will also provide beauty in an area with a dearth of public art. The resulting artwork will beautify our school and neighborhood, as a local icon in the Crocker-Amazon district, for decades to come.


the steps

  1. During the Summer, the Artist will source all necessary materials and supplies and prepare materials for the students to participate in the work’s creation. 
  2. The School will create a schedule for the students to create the mural.  Students will have 2 opportunities to participate in the mural making process, with additional opportunity for participation on community days.  
  3. The school will reach out to family volunteers to support tasks that the project may need.
  4. The Create Peace Project team, with the support of staff and family volunteers, will complete the installation of the mural this fall.

why we're doing it

One major need for Guadalupe Elementary School is building community and creating a more vibrant, colorful school.  This project gives us a perfect instrument to begin doing so. Guadalupe demographics show that of our 370 students, 81.5% are social-economically disadvantaged and 65.2 % of our students are English Language Learners (ELL). Families would be able to contribute to this project by affording their time and labor. Our mural project would also provide a safe opportunity for our students and families to collaborate and come together as a community despite language barriers.  

Another significant reason for a mural at our school is that the Crocker-Amazon district is one of the forgotten neighborhoods of the City. A radiating mosaic mural, made by the community of Guadalupe, would make the statement that the school and community are part of the fabric of this world-class city. Being able to involve our students in contributing and making this beautiful artifact would foster pride and connection that our school seeks to foster.

Finally, the mural would address our school and neighborhood beautification objectives. San Francisco, known for its aesthetic community art that distinguishes each neighborhood, is juxtaposed with the Crocker-Amazon area, which has few murals. This mural would be a step in establishing a vibrant, colorful space along our exterior walls. A mural will have a great impact on creating pride for our school. While Guadalupe students, staff, and families will create the mural, having it greet the greater community will give people the impression that the mural is their own, bringing joy by creating an environment with beauty and charm..

By having our 370 students participate in the mural, we will be enhancing our commitment to the arts enrichment and input that last in a child’s lifetime.  A volunteer coordinator will support the involvement of families and community volunteers to support public outreach and family engagement for all who wish to participate. During the project we will host at least one community collaboration weekend, along with regular/daily parent and family member volunteer opportunities.



Disbursed budget:

Travel : $300

Insurance : $300 

Documentation : $1,098.47

TOTAL RAISED = $1,786.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $52.53

Original budget:

We received a Commuinty Challange Grant fromt the city of San Francisco.  As part of the grant, we are reuqired to provide 35% in matching funds.

Our total project budget is $36,800

We recieved $24,000

We need to provide an additional $12,800 in matching funds.

Included in the $12,800 are $6,000 of In-Kind donation of tile for our mosaic.

That leaves $6,800 to help us complete this project.

Funds are for :

Installation Phase : 6 days : $4,000

Travel : $300

Insurance : $500 

Documentation : $2,000

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $211



Matching Funds are Done

Hi Everyone, 

A Big Thank You to Everyone who has contributed to this project.  We got in a little late, and given the times, many people are fundraising for their causes. All that to say, the matcihng funds are no longer available.  

Donations will still go to the project, but unfortuately, will not be doubled.

We are so greatful for the support.  

Please stay tuned for more updates and info on the project.  We are planning to lead the project in the fall, when schools resume.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thanks for supporting the Guadalupe Elememntary School Mosaic Mural!


Executive Director, Create Peace Project

Project Lead


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