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New Partnership: Washington County Food Bank

the project

This began as a grass root effort to create a community garden in Monongahela. The first year was rocky to say the least. However, 2019 so far has proven that all our hard work is starting to pay off. Founded in 2018 by Michelle and Jackie, both working mothers living in Monongahela who love to garden, save seeds, and teach our passion. We have shaped our project goals based off of feedback from our peers, local experts, and needs.

Our purpose of our efforts organically began as an idea of a community garden in Monongahela. As we grow and gain momentum and interest we had members of neighboring communities wanting to know how they can get involved. As we quickly gained support form influential people and organizations in our community and neighboring communities, we realized that this project could benefit all the towns located along our river.

Our goal is to continue to hold "How To Workshops" about common gardening practices specifically for our region and growing conditions.  We would like to continue to speak to local city officials, school districts, youth centers, and retirement homes about the benefits of adding gardening to their curriculum or day to day routine.

the steps

1) Generate interest in each Mon Valley community
2) Approach local community leaders
3) Gather volunteers in each community
4) Find sponsorship for each garden
5) Plant a Garden
6) Continue to engage with workshops


why we're doing it

1) Instills a sense of community
2)Provides educational benefits
3)Provides outdoor learning experiences
4)Provides community youth an alternative
5)Keeps senior citizens involved
6) Beautifies vacant lots, main streets, and park settings


Funds will support supplies for a community garden: tools, compost, buckets, a shed, and building compost bins to contain the piles. 

Disbursed Budget:

TOTAL RAISED =     $115.00
ioby Platform Fee     waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $3.45

Funds will support supplies for a community garden: tools, compost, buckets, a shed, and building compost bins to contain the piles. 

Original Budget:

The City's leaf collection will donate to our compost pile.

Project Subtotal =  $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $250
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to Raise on ioby = $5,435




New Partnership: Washington County Food Bank

We recently won our first grant from the Mon Valley Alliance's town to town mini-grant. We currently have a waiting list for garden beds in Monongahela. We have a second garden in the beginning phases in Coal Center.

Most recently we have teamed up with the Washington County Food Bank, to bring our resources together, and closer to the valley. We have successfully taught a class at the Ginger Hill Grange and have been asked to do the same at our local library.

We also have been invited to speak at the RiverTown event at Cal U in May.

We have also began the phases of possibly bringing a seed library to our local public library.

Growing season 2019

Hello All! It has been a dark and cold winter, but Spring has Sprung ( i think, alittle chilly today) but nonetheless, growing season is almost here!! I have some very exciting news, after a year of applying, we finally won our FIRST GRANT!! A small, but mighty grant, it will help us tremendously! Please consider donating! Every little bit helps and the donations will help with maintaining and growing the garden (no pun intended)! We have so much positive feed back, we actually have a waiting list for beds at this point. Our ultimate goal is to have a garden in each little park of our great little city. Also, please join our email listen if you would like to stay update to date on our project on a more personal level! Be sure to LIKE our facebook page, Mon City Garden, as well. 


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