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the project

TheJOYproject is a Living Archive of Afro-Atlantic Agriculture and Foodways. We grow plants and foods that have been integral to the Afro-Diasporic experience and tell the stories of Black and Brown folks ancestral relationships with soil and seed. As we begin our 2nd year and growing season, we are celebrating our 1st year wins and growing our list of goals for this year and beyond. The bulk of this budget is allocated to building a bee apiary on our campus to help pollinate our plantcestors as well facilitate learning and conversation around how we can provide for and maintain our well being by being in relationship with our local bug neighbors. Our co-founder, Josmine learned bee keeping from her mother, a 25+ year bee keeper, and wants to continue that tradition by sharing that skill and knowledge set with family, friends and neighbors of theJOYproject. 

Water is a top priority in caring for growing plants. Since our campus does not have the infrastructure to tap in to the city water supply, In addition to adding an apiary we need to expand our capacity to keep our plants watered by building a water catchment system.

Lastly, earlier this spring we hosted 60 Detroiter's for a seed and plant swap. We would like to transform that resource opportunity into something that's available 24/7 365 by hosting a 'Little Free Library' but with seeds instead of books. This will give our neighbors and community the opportunity to share and access free seed year round at whatever date and time best works for them.

the steps

We are ready to get started as soon as possible

We've set Juneteenth (6/19) as our fundraising goal date because we think it would be great to announce our expansion at our Juneteenth Celebration.

We've set (10/8) as our completion date, which gives us more than enough time to complete the projects and the perfect opportunity to officially announce their completion at our "Fannie Lou Hamer Day" / Harvest festival at the end of our growing season.

HOWEVER!!! As soon as we reach our goal, we're going to start ordering supplies and building out the infrastructure, so if we can pull through to our goal by the end of May we could be announcing the completion of our project, instead of beginning our project during our Juneteenth Celebration.

why we're doing it

While we expect that most of the folks who come across this fundraiser will be people who are already familiar with the work that we do. But, in the event you're new here, first: Welcome! The reason we say that we're 'more than a community' garden is because we're not just growing for hobby. TheJOYproject is centered around Liberation Strategy and anti white supremacist patriarchal capitalist systems. We believe that any strategy towards justice and sovereignty is incomplete without a plan for feeding the people. Whoever controls the food, controls the people and it is our intention to help put that power  back in the hands of the people encouraging relationships with seed and soil through storytelling. We facilitate conversation, ideation and application of of those ideas around most all intersections of the human experience. From race, gender, sexual orientation, housing rights, food justice, abolition, health and wellness equity and beyond, the plants we grow provide us with the means to learn from them, ways we can thrive in community with each other and the earth. 


3 Hives/Supers $600

3 Hive Stands $240

Safety Fencing $580

2 Adult Bee Suits $300

2 Youth Bee Suits $100

4-Frame Honey Extractor $180

Seed Library $140

Irrigation Station $1,000


TOTAL RAISED $4,000.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 5% $200.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 3% $60.00


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