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the project

We are Chenchita's Community Garden of East Harlem building a healthy community and increase our growing capacity is our 2017 goal. We are firm believers in doing for the community and self. Gardens make communities viable places of education, interest and motivation. Making each of us aware of our place in the environment and that we are stakeholders in the community.  We strive to inform, motivate and inspire in a reciprocal process. Environmental and health education, community engagement, and partnership is an integral part of a stewardship. As we increase our growing capacity we would also like to add food demonstrations for the community in particular people with disabilities, herb workshop for seniors to aid in mitigating their health and wellness. concerns. 

the steps

Chenchita’s will have a Youth Farmers Market this summer and we will be at Edible Schoolyard’s Farmstand P.S. 7 Wednesday in East Harlem. The Youth Farmer’s Market is planned for the summer season. Healing Art, Crochet and Knitting Circle, Book Club in the garden and parks. Painting, exercise and many more activities. Our partners and collaborators are Job Path, Urban Innovation, Chenchita's Healing Art Group, Cada Paso walking group as well as Revolutionary Fitness in East Harem. Through are collaborators and associates such as NYCHA, Farm School NYC,DCCPAssoc, New York Crochet knitting Group, Healing Art I &II Group, Artist Group, Just Food and GreenThumb we plan to in reach to the community through flyers, announcements in CB 11 monthly newsletter as well as are social media ( and Facebook).

why we're doing it

Sharing our cultural traditions through cooking, food demonstrations and preparation of meals in which people of various backgrounds discuss their cultural history with food and cook together. Through this information and exchange of cultural histories and traditions we would bridge cultural differences reflecting on our shared experiences and traditions. We would like to create a cookbook from these shared experiences. Attendees to our herb workshops would go home with herbs from seedlings/transplants from workshops.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 8/18/17):

RAISED = $1,160.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $52.08
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $31.25
Art & Craft - 30 people $200.00

Plants veggies/fruits and herbs $200.00

Artist, exercise health eating 5 worhshops $200

Food & water $101

Bags of Soil 10 bags $50.00

Yarns and needle $90.00
Traveling $100.00

7 Tubes of Paints and 3 set brushes bottles a $100.00

Total $1041.00

Food Demo and cooking classes
10 demo class & 6 for assistant cook recipe books                                        $300.00 
1 dozen T-shirt                                                                                                  200.00
2 tables                                                                                                             200.00

Bowls small 9 medium  and 9 large                                                                  100.00

3 3 sets measuring cups (dry)                                                                            50.00
3 sets measuring cups 8 oz, 16 oz (liquid)                                                         40.00
3 sets of measuring spoons                                                                                30.00
3 pizza stone                                                                                                     100.00
2 digital fluid oz scales                                                                                        40.00
9 flour sifters plastic wrap                                                                                    40.00             
Parchment paper disposal pans (assortments)                                                     40.00
2 Coffin cooler and colored tape                                                                          60.00
3 large cutting boards                                                                                           20.00
3 knives sets w jackets                                                                                         30.00
1 dozen disposal gloves                                                                                       50.00
2 hairnets stand mixers                                                                                        80.00
1 BBQ Grill                                                                                                          200.00
5 bag wood chips                                                                                                100.00
Healthy Celebrating serving health Dinner                                                         300.00
Veggies, Fruits and Herbs from our local Farmers                                            1000.00

Meditation Workshops-  Breathing Releasing Negative , How to Be Happy       250.00
Unblock your Creatively with OILS &Herbs                                                         120.00

Music DJ                                                                                                              150.00
Intuition Painting Artworkshops- Painting with you Music                                    100.00
40 Canvas                                                                                                            200.00 
Paint & Brushes                                                                                                   200.00 
TOTAL                                                                                                               $4000.00 

SUBTOTAL = $4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $200
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120



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