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the project

AQUAPONIC FARM BUILD : “Grow Brownsville" is a crowdfunding campaign aimed at helping Universe City NYC  Design and Build a Commercial Size Vertical Tower Aquaponic Farm.

Universe City mission is to create sustainable urban farms and food sovereign hubs through food production, education, and manufacturing founded on circular economic principles.

the steps

"Grow Brownsville " seeks to begin to build the necessary foundation we need to properly build our farm.  The Money Raised will be used for the following:

1) Building a new aquaponic system within 2500 sq ft space.

2) Implement BioSecurity : installing Spray Foam Insulation, insulating walls, installing all new Sheetrock,  Installing new HVAC with Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Radiant Heat, Installing more Grow lights

3) install additional electrical work and plumbing work needed for the build of our farm. 

3) Adding cold and dry storage walk-in space

4) Creating a sorting, washing, and packing station within this facility with a commercial kitchen.

5) continuing to provide worker paid stipends and buy necessary tools, ramps, and ppe equipment.

6) working to develop new educational curriculums

why we're doing it

Since COVID19 Universe City NYC and it’s community of Entrepreneurs, Interns and Volunteers are distributing nearly 120,000 pounds of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  per week to the East Brooklyn Community. Serving and providing access to fresh nutritious Free Food every week. 

Universe City is a social enterprise and cooperative model working with East Brooklyn local residents. Unifying entrepreneurs, creatives, and farmers to implement sustainable strategies and biodynamic food and waste systems in urban & rural areas. Educating the community on how to create intergenerational economic mobility to counter the historical social disenfranchisement of POC.  Organizing around environmental & institutional racism through hyperlocal food systems working alongside schools, shelters, NYCHA buildings, local restaurants and developers to create a ecosystem for success.



Uline 10x 6x8 Metal Shelves $1800

AquaCulture Bead Filter $2,500.00

Botanicare OD Black Tray - 4' x 8' $785

TOTAL RAISED = $5,496.00 $5,496.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived $273.05
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $85.44 $84.39
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $5,410.56 $5,103.56


  • Stipends for 5 individuals participating in food distribution efforts through December 2020 - $12,500
  •  update HVAC system.  - $3,500

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,000
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  


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