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the project

We're ready to dig in and start composting! Join our team in making a positive change for our school community, by reducing waste and keeping compostable materials out of the landfill. Let's work together to provide much-needed compost for our school garden and wildlife habitats, and increase awareness of the vital role we have in improving our surrounding environment.

Our student-led project will take place at Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA), a non-profit, non-church affiliated, private school for children from preschool to eighth grade in Morgantown, WV.  We have the support of a parent garden group, teachers, and staff, and will work directly with the Mountain Stewardship and Outdoor Leadership (SOL) School, an outdoor education program focused on nature awareness, leadership, and environmental stewardship at MLA. 

We will focus on the natural, regenerative processes at work on the forest floor, along the hiking trails, and in the wildlife habitats around our school. Then our team leader will extend this learning both into the classroom and outdoors, with hands-on projects and activities. The students will build teams, and be responsible for specific tasks and details, like collecting and sorting compost materials, painting collection pails and creating signage, learning to maintain healthy compost, and eventually delving into worm composting. We plan to have working, possibly finished, compost in time for spring garden planting!





the steps

February 2015:

  • Hands-on composting projects, to coincide with ioby's 24-hour donation-match event on February 26

March 2015:

  • Purchase/building of all composting materials and educational resources
  • Provide support to collect compost materials, make signage, and create compost schedule
  • Build student compost teams, guide/assign rotating tasks and duties
  • Monitor materials going into collection bins

April 2015:

  • Provide support for teachers/students, making adjustments as necessary
  • Begin weekly garden lessons with all students; compost review and importance of healthy soil

May 2015:

  • Spring planting in MLA School Garden, hopeful use of first compost!
  • Monarch butterfly and pollinator garden planting
  • Continue to provide composting support

June 2015 and onward:

  • Get participant feedback on overall project
  • Send report and photos to ioby
  • Teach composting in summer camp workshops
  • Delve into worm composting as summer or fall project
  • Continue to provide support, continue composting!




why we're doing it

Our project is intended to reduce overall school waste and heighten students' abilities to be resourceful and environmentally-minded. By allowing nature to be their primary teacher, with hands-on learning through composting, children will learn the vital role they have in our environmental future. As teachers, gardeners, parents, donors, and volunteers, we can guide students in a life-long appreciation of the cycles inherent in nature and the positive, empowering impact they will gain through working together for the good of their school community and environment.



Compost tumbler, duel or single (both 52-gallon) model, 100% recycled polyethylene, BPA-free, FDA-approved for contact with edibles, made by Good Ideas in Pennsylvania $155.00
Stationary compost bin, 100% recycled plastic resin bin, 90-gallon capacity, made by Good Ideas in PA $95.00
Large compost caddy, for lunchroom, 8-gallon capacity, odor-free, recycled plastic, made in USA by Garland $55.00
Eco-Kitchen compost pails (8) with handles, for classrooms, $20 each, 2.5-gallon capacity, odor-free, includes carbon filter, made in USA by Exaco $160.00
Composting accessories (replacement carbon filters for caddy and pails, bio bags;  from spring to fall, 6-month supply) $120.00
Children's materials (garden gloves--2 sizes, 2 sets of 12; clipboards-set of 12) $90.00
Educational resources and books $100.00
Signage materials $125.00
Maintenance and future worm composting $100.00
TOTAL COST: $1,000.00


SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $30



RAISED = $1,125.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3% of non-match funds) $18.20

We plan to use the additional $106.80 for lumber and hardware to build benches for children's seating along the inside perimeter of our school garden. At this time there is no seating in or around our garden, which is situated across the soccer field from the school's main buildings. Seating for the children would certainly help with teaching garden and compost-related lessons. The cost for building this L-shaped bench on one side of our garden is approximately $100, using pressure-treated lumber and deck boards, extra support posts if needed, and hardware from Lowe's.


Thank you!

Wow! We're super-excited and most thankful for the donations to our campaign so far.

As the snow continues to fall here in WV, we're thinking of spring! Next week, our project leader Stacy and the Mountain SOL team, will teach composting to all the students at MLA (PreK-8th grade) with fun, hands-on projects and activities. This will coincide with ioby's 24-hour donation-match event on Thursday, February 26th--an exciting day for certain!

Thank you all so much for your generous, thoughful donations to our project. We are truly grateful.


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