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Eastern Connecticut Community Gardens Association
Newtown Road
(Groton Senior Center)
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the project

Eastern Connecticut Community Gardens Association in collaboration with the Town of Groton and Groton Senior Center will build Community Gardens for their active group of volunteers. Seven raised beds will be built, five 4 x 8 raised beds and two 4 x 8 raised beds at a high enough height allowing for easier care by volunteers to access healthy fruits and vegetables. The community garden with care from interested senior volunteers will be another lovely, peaceful, and uplifting area at the Groton Senior Center . The act of gardening is known to benefit the health of those working in the soil.  Gardens are also harmonious in their beauty working together to create an ecologically sound environment.  The food grown will benefit the GSC Lunch Cafe serving meals daily.

Your donations for the new gardens will be used to purchase the supplies needed to make Groton Senior Center greener. ECCGA is supporting Groton Senior Center with a generous $900 grant received from Groton Parks Foundation.  Sustainable CT sponsors support this project by matching every dollar donated to the Groton Senior Center garden project. 

the steps

Achieving Our Goal Actions
Eastern Connecticut Community Gardens Association

  • Measure the area of each space for placement of garden beds 

  • Purchase lumber, screws for raised beds and build seven 4x8 raised beds.

  • Prepare 3 locations on site

  • Purchase garden tools 

  • Order and deliver compost and mulch to develop Regenerative Soils garden beds

  • Continue gardening actions over the fall and winter to implement a spring planting

  • Gardeners tend vegetable and fruit for each area over the growing season

why we're doing it

ECCGA’s mission is to directly educate and empower community gardens in Eastern Connecticut to create lasting and sustainable solutions for increasing regional food security. 

Goals of ECCGA

  • Reduce food insecurity in Eastern Connecticut
  • Produce sustainably grown fruits and vegetables to feed the hungry
  • Educate gardeners on environmentally sustainable gardening practices
  • Educate gardeners to improve their relation to the food they eat.
  • Involve seniors of all abilities in the planting and harvesting of Community Gardens as a source of healthy nutrition and providing education for good eating habits.
  • Present an outdoor activity to promote health and well-being through gardening

Learn more about ECCGA at our website


Disbursed Budget:

TOTAL RAISED = $4,490.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $67.35

Original Budget:

Enough lumber and materials to build 7 raised beds for gardens     $1400

Compost for 7 gardens - $875

Soil amendments for 7 gardens - $525

Plants & seeds - $125

Ergonomic garden tools, 100 ft water hose - $125

Outdoor heavy duty hose ground cover - $300

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $54


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  • Susan and Marilyn Charette
  • Trillum Garden Club
  • Grassroots Fund SEED Grant
  • Sandy and Sidney Van Zandt
  • Betsey Maltby
  • Frederick and Eleanor Fischer
  • Laurel Butler
  • Bill Johnson
  • Mben
  • Groton Parks Foundation