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the project

Service Workers Coalition is a grassroots Mutual Aid Fund, and now incorporated Non-Profit Organization, that has mobilized to respond the the evolving needs of laid off hospitality workers throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The central action of SWC is grocery stipends.The fund offers $50 a week grocery stipends to any out of work service industry workers. We also offer delivery of those supplies if a worker is quarantined for any reason, or does not have access to a bank account, which is needed for wire transfer of the stipend.


In the last two months SWC has raised just over 100k and sent out over 80k in grocery stipends to over 1,200 New Yorkers, some for every week of the crisis. What has been incedibly moving is that this money was raised primarily in 5-20 dollar weekly donations, largely from people within the industry. As time went on and some service workers gained access to UI benefits we saw many who recieved the stipend turn around and paid it forward when they could.


We are launching this campaign to encourage large donations to help us sustain this fund and our community through the duration of this pandemic. Ioby will be acting as our fiscal sponsor and will be able to provide tax deductions. We will continue accepting donations through our Venmo @bkservicecoaltion and follow us here under the updates tab as well as on our Instargam page @serviceworkerscoaltion. We thank you for your continued support! 

the steps

We have built this network to address food insercurity within the food industry. With the money from this campaign we can gauntee stipends for two more months, and while we arrange deliveries through volunteers and pay out stipends through Zelle, Venmo, and paper checks, we will be working on more dynamic ways to support our community for the duration, be that through faclitating mental health check ins, access to harm reductions supplies, assitance with navagating housing rights and unemployment insurance.. 

why we're doing it

The shutdown of restaurants has underscored the precarity of the lives of food service workers, but also the solidarirty that exists between us. We were cognizent of the deep alienation, both from our labor and in our communties, before the COVID-19 crisis. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen or on the floor naturally resists this alienation. We know we only function together. We're not immune to isolation, we cannot depend on unions, and if we struggle alone, we drown. We are building, now, a future which acknowledges that we can not go it alone. We believe that our needs are a matrix. We need the groceries and food, and we need to feel both supported and helpful. Raising funds with our community to feed our community empowers and enriches all.


All of the work of the Coalition is done by volunteers, so all the money we raise goes either back into the organization or directly to those supported by our network. We offer workers up to $50 for groceries weekly, so we expect this amount to help pay over 475 stipends. We hope that this will carry our Fund for two months, as we continue to adjust and respond accordingly to the needs of our community. 

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TOTAL TO RAISE = $25,773
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