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the project

As public infrastructures--hospitals, water, schools, transportation, etc--are privatized, Our Community Kitchen takes a stab at going in the reverse direction. It is an installation designed to help us realize that the ways in which public infrastructures can improve the quality of our lives is still a work in progress.  We still have room to imagine the futures we want to create! Doing this takes experimentation and creativity. To spark that, our Commnity Kitchen is a an experimentation with a new, more vibrant social infrastructure that:

  • Challenges the public’s own feelings that “public” means poor, broken down, poorly run, and “less than” private
  • Engages communities in claiming public space, the social and food justice
  • Makes a new case for public infrastructures through creating ones that don’t exist

the steps

step 1: set an appointment with Family First Solar to plan and purchase solar components

step 2: Purchase methane digester

step 3: Purchase kitchen equipment

why we're doing it

theJOYproject is a Living Archive of Afro-Atlantic Agriculture and Foodways with core values in social and food justice. Now that we've successfully implemented our agricultural infrastructure we're ready to expand our campus and begin implementing infrastructure to support engagement in foodways. This space will support educational programming, teaching community how to use fresh produce and locally sourced animal proteins in creating culturally relevant meals. Inspired by the family kitchen as a gathering place our Community kitchen invites neighbors, friends and supporters to feast, learn, share, imagine, unite and claim public space with fresh food, cooking classes & competitions, food-inspired art and much more.


Solar power system 6,000

Methane Digester 1,800

Outdoor Kitchen 1,700

Kitchen utensils 500


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $535
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
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