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the project

We are raising funds to purchase the equipment and supplies necessary for our Integrated Crop Management system. Integrated crop management (ICM) is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture. It considers the situation across the whole farm, including socio-economic and environmental factors, to deliver the most suitable and safe approach for long-term benefit. Currently, throughout the growing season, we spend roughly 8 hours per week watering crops by hand, distributing rain water using buckets with holes drilled in the bottom. While we plan to continue to exclusively use rain water, we recognize a need for a more efficient delivery system. More specifically, we need to purchase and install drip line irrigation in our gardens. This will allow us to more than triple our growing space, help decrease pest and disease pressure, as well as decrease water waste. Through the use of row cover, we can further decrease pest and weed pressure, increasing the yield of our crops. Through the use of weed mat and silage tarps, we can smother cover crops for green composting, permitting no-till practices and furthering our objective of sequestering carbon. Through the installation of a germination chamber and heat tables, we will be able to start our transplants on site and begin growing earlier in the season. We practice no spray, no till, all natural methods of crop management, in effort to create the safest economically, and environmentally resilient model. 

the steps

1. Raise funds.

2. Purchase & install equipment.

3. Grow a greater quantity of plants of greater diversity.

why we're doing it

Successful implementation of our plan will increase plant success and diversity, which will increase overall biodiversity, leading to improved soil health and improved crop production/quality. The overall effects of this plan will lead to greater environmental, fiscal, and social sustainability.


Irrigation System: $894

-Drip Irrigation System:

    200' 1/2" Distributor Tubing $22

    1700' 1/4" Drip Tape $238

    (4) Filters $36

    (4) Pressure Regulators $24

    Caps & Adapters: $23.75

        (4) 1/2" Header Caps

        (4) 3/4" x 1/2" Hose Thread

        (50) Drip Line Caps

        (50) Barb Connectors

- Hoses:

    (5) 100' 3/4" Commercial Duty NeverKink Hoses: $311.80

    (3) 50' 3/4" Commercial Duty NeverKink Hoses: $102.45

    (1) 4-Way Hose Splitter: $16

    (1) 2-Way Hose Splitter: $10


    (7) 10' Vinyl Gutters: $30

    (20) Vinyl Hangers: $40

    (1) Vinyl End Cap Set: $7.25

    (1) Vinyl Outlet: $7.75

    (6) Vinyl Joiners: $25


Plant Protection: $2026

- Row Cover:

    (1) 10'x1000' Agribon Row Cover: $289

    (100 ct) 76" Quick Hoops: $125

- Weed Barrier:

    (5) 20'x100' 6 mil Spillage Tarps: $340

    (3) 4'x300' Landscaping Weed Suppression Mat: $260

- Garden Perimeter Fencing:

    (6) 39"x330' Field Fencing: $565

    (135) 5' T-Posts: $447


Plant Order: $280

- Annual Market Crops

- Cover Crops 

- Native Resilient Perennials


Electrical Services: $1300

- Permits: $300

- Labor and Parts: $1000


Greenhouse Services: $500

- Space Rental:

    (40) Trays for 2 months: $260

- Materials:

    (80) Emply Transplant Trays: $80

    (80) Transplant Trays Worth of Potting Soil: $160 



ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156




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