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Greenville Tool Library

the project

A project of Greenville Forward and Gardening for Good, the Greenville Tool Library will provide low-cost tools for community gardens, homeowners, and non-profit agencies in Greenville County. The concept of a tool library is very simple: we rent out tools (instead of books) to our members for various projects in the home, yard or garden. The primary goal of the Greenville Tool Library is to provide affordable access to tools for the 80+ community gardens in the Gardening for Good network. This will allow community gardens to host more volunteer groups and expand their garden efforts with features such as rain barrels, trellises and more. Individuals and non-profit agencies may also become members of the Greenville Tool Library.  One of the requirements for Hands on Greenville is that agencies must provide tools for their volunteers, so we hope the Greenville Tool Library will inspire and support more projects through HOG, furthering volunteerism in Greenville.

With support from the Riley Institute Diversity Leaders Initiative, a tool shed is already constructed at the Swamp Rabbit Teaching Garden, the main hub for the Greenville Tool Library. We are seeking funding to complete our tool inventory, purchase a tool trailer, and setup an online tool rental system. The tool shed is located in a central location 2 miles outside of downtown Greenville, and the tool trailer will allow the tool library to serve more gardens across Greenville County. The tool library will welcome all volunteers that express an interest in tool management and use.

the steps


-       Start the Project

-       Collect tool library surveys

-       Network in the community


-       Launch IOBY campaign (HOG Day – May 3)
-       Build community support
-       Complete business plan
-       Start renting tools to community gardens ONLY (beta testing)


-       “Road Show” for tool library
-       Setup website
-       Build shelving in tool shed (Eagle Scout project)


-       Membership Drive
-       Tool Drive


-       Hammers & Ales launch party (Aug. 8)
-       Open for lending
-       Build and serve a diverse membership

why we're doing it

A program of Greenville Forward, Gardening for Good is a direct response to the growing number of community gardens in Greenville.  Established in 2011, Gardening for Good has quickly become the primary resource for community gardens in Greenville and proudly recognizes over 80 community gardens in its network at schools, churches, non-profits, neighborhoods, businesses and more. These gardens are a direct source of fresh produce for their members/volunteers and most donate a percentage of the harvest back to local food banks.  These gardens also provide indirect benefits such as neighborhood beautification, social cohesion and positive community involvement.  Gardening for Good is truly transforming Greenville through gardening.

Gardening for Good wants to expand it efforts to support community gardens by creating a community tool library. Many of the community gardens do not have the funds to purchase large quantities of tools therefore; Gardening for Good seeks to create a tool library where community gardens, individuals, and non-profits can rent tools on a weekly or daily basis.  Individuals, community gardens, and non-profits can join the tool library for an annual fee that covers maintenance of the tools.  The tool library will be placed in a centralized location at the Swamp Rabbit Teaching Garden that targets a food desert neighborhood that would not have access to the tools otherwise. A community tool library will allow Gardening for Good to serve more community gardens by providing access to tools, encouraging volunteer projects and inspiring the creation of new community gardens.  


Trailer - $3,000

SUBTOTAL = $3,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $90

RAISED = $715.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $20.83



Greenville Tool Library


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