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Fund the Mural Shopping Event

the project

Greenboro's East Broad Corridor POPS! to life with iconic graphics, pop images, and a fresh look that gives a gentle nod to the town's (not so distant) history.  

It is no secret that East Broad Street in Greensboro is in need of a little love and attention. The highway that brings the most traffic into downtown is marred by sad facades and empty store fronts.  You can help CHANGE this! Greensboro's POP Avenue will transform East Broad Street with restored historic signs and newly created signs that offer a retro, pop art flare! Four possible locations have been selected. 

The first is the most obvious; the faded Coca-Cola ""ghost sign" on the eastern facade of the old Greene Supply building. A complete restoration will use historically accurate colors and techniques. The sign features the iconic Coca-Cola slogan, "It's the real thing" which debuted in 1969. The timing couldn't be better to reclaim this fantastic pop art icon; just in time for its 50th birthday!  

Concept drawings for the other locations will be publicized as plans progress.

We'll be working with Color the World Bright - a group of incredibly talented and passionate art students from the University of Georgia. Color the World Bright will research historic photographs for sign restorations and develop appropriate designs for new signage along the corridor. The team from Color the World Bright were behind the wonderful restoration of the Chero-Cola Sign at the Oconee Brewing Company in Greensboro. 


the steps

  • Contract with Color the World Bright
  • Finalize design selections 
  • Purchase Supplies
  • Schedule equipment rentals
  • Students get to work!
  • Celebrate success

why we're doing it

We believe that Greensboro is a special town with a unique sense of place. We believe that Greensboro has a story to tell through its built environment. We believe that public art increases tourism, investment, and community pride.  POP Avenue will transform a forgotten corner of town and connect Greensboro's residents and visitors to our city's past and its future.


Through local contributions and in-kind donations we've successfully met our goal.  




TOTAL RAISED = $1,140.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $34.20


Artists' Fee: $9500

Equipment Rental: $3000


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $465
TOTAL TO RAISE = $15,500




Fund the Mural Shopping Event

Participating merchatns from the Greensboro Business Association will donate a portion of their sales to help fund Greensboro's Pop Art on Broad murals. Shop downtown on June 19, 20, and 21 to support the project.

Particpating merchants include:

  • Genuine Georgia, 102 South Main St
  • Oconee Brewing Company, 202 North West St (June 20 and 21 only)
  • Maggie Lane, 102 North Main St
  • Jamie's, 101 South Main St
  • Dreamcatcher's Art, Antiques, & Collectibles, 104 South Main St
  • The Pink Stitch, 112 North Main St
  • Greensboro Jewelers, 118 North Main St
  • Murphy's Gifts and More, 103 South Main St
  • Codee Rainey Interiors, 108 North Main St
  • Pinch of the Past Architectural Antiques, 1271 North East St

Listing will be updated as additional stores join in.

Finishing Touches

The team from Color the World Bright was in Greensboro today putting finishing touches on the two painted signs that were installed during Southland Jubilee last month.  The final letters of the Greensboro entryway sign at the East Broad Plaza were painted and small adjustments were made to the Coca-Cola sign on the Greene Supply building.


Future Sites and Historic Signs

Fundraising efforts continue!

If you like what you see so far from Pop Art on Broad, your support can help bring additional signs to the corridor.

This historic photo of downtown Greensboro was taken in the 1960's at the intersection of Main and Broad Streets.  Additional fundraising will help bring to life a new Greensboro welcome sign in this location inspired by this historic sign.

Give today and help continue the work of bringing a fresh face to downtown Greensboro.

Entryway Sign Progress

The first two signs, a Coca-Cola sign restoration at the old Greene Supply building and a new Greensboro entryway sign at the East Broad Plaza, are nearly finished.

“We are thrilled with the new signs!” says Greensboro’s community development director, Cail Hammons. “The Broad Street Plaza sign helps to establish Greensboro’s sense of place and connects the plaza with the rest of downtown.”  

This new sign welcomes drivers along East Broad Street to Greensboro and will serve to anchor the color palette that will be used for future signs along the corridor. The signs are not quite finished just yet, and work will continue in the near future.

“There is no doubt that the rainy weather during Southland Jubilee affected the student’s ability to get both signs completed,” explains Cail Hammons, “The students worked diligently in extremely difficult conditions and will be back soon for final touches.”

Pop Art on Broad is a community-led project. Donations to fund the work have come from the downtown business community and many of Greensboro’s citizens. Plans are to complete as many signs as fundraising allows. There are five potential sign locations selected.

“Already we have seen a great response. Our downtown business community has supported the project through the Greensboro Business Association. In addition, businesses such as Pinch of the Past AntiquesGenuine GeorgiaGreensboro Jewelers, and Oconee Brewing Company have stepped up with individual donations,” says Hammons.

Greensboro’s Home Depot store donated much of the needed supplies, and BEHRPaint provided the paint for the project. 

“The goal with a crowdfunded project is that a community comes together to fund projects with large impacts. You do not have to be a large or corporate donor to participate. Momentum builds through many small donations until big things are able to be accomplished,” says Hammons.

For more information about Pop Art on Broad or to make a donation, follow Greensboro’s Main Street program on Facebook @DowntownGreensboro,GAand on Instagram @dtgreensboroga. You may also call (706) 453-7674 for additional information. 


Just Right

Professor Norman custom mixing the paint for just the right color red. The skill level and talent of this team is top-notch!




Thanks to Home Depot and BEHR Paint

We are excited to host representatives from Home Depot and BEHR paint today while the team worked. This project would not be possible without their support.

Work Begins

The Coca-Cola sign restoration began on Friday, April 19. Doesn't it look fantastic? Later this weekend, the red will get a second coat and the Richard's will be blocked in.



Thank you Home Depot and BEHR Paint

Through the generous support of Home Depot and BEHR paint we have many of our supplies ready to go! We picked up this batch of goodies this morning. Things are shaping up for our project to begin on Friday.

Test, Test!

This morning we tested the scissor lift that we'll be using to reach new heights with pop art installtions along East Broad Street.The Oconee Brewing Company is loaning us this lift for the project (and helping us save hundreds of dollars in equipment rental costs)! Things are coming together for our project start on April 19-20!

Implementation Details

So what will happen if some of our fundraising goal is met but not all of it?  

You can be assured that all of the funds raised will pay for painted signs in Greensboro.  Our complete fundraising goal allows for the implementation of FIVE signs along the East Broad Corridor.  This is an ambitious goal, and one we think is attainable! 

Initially we will kick off our project with the installation of a new entryway sign at the plaza area on the corner of Broad, East and Court Streets during the Southland Jubilee festival on April 20. This pilot sign is being funded by the Greensboro Downtown Development Authority.  Additional funding raised before April 18 will allow the team to also restore the faded Coca-Cola sign that same weekend. We will need to hit $2,000 in fundraising in order to make this happen. 

These pops of color and energy along East Broad Street will begin to elevate the appearance of this important entryway into Greensboro.



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