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the project

This fundraising effort is to support two EcoStation youth empowerment initiatives. One is a Food & Social Justice Workshop for 35 local youth from Bushwick Campus, Make the Road NY, and El Puente's Bushwick Leadership Center, half of which will be working for EcoStation this summer (at Bushwick Campus Farm, Farm-In-The-Sky, and Bushwick Farmers' Market, three of EcoStation's projects) through Green Guerillas' Youth Tillers program and through Food Fighters, a new program at Bushwick Campus. The second is a work stipend and educational scholarship for Diamond Martin, a standout student and farm volunteer who will be attending Brooklyn College in the Fall. She is a great student and exemplary young leader.

To learn more about the Food & Social Justice Workshop and its facilitators, Diamond Martin, and EcoStation:NY, please visit

the steps

The Food & Social Justice workshop is already set: three facilitators will work with 35 area youth culled from our Food Fighter summer youth employment program, Green Guerillas' Youth Tillers program, El Puente's Bushwick Leadership Center, and Make the Road NY. The amazing facilitation team includes representatives trained in the teachings of The People's Institute, Theater of the Oppressed, and Popular Education, and will focus on issues pertinent to Bushwick youth: race, immigration, and food justice.

Diamond Martin will be working as Assistant Market Manager for EcoStation this summer; we are supporting her efforts to attend Brooklyn College this Fall with a scholarship. We will be promoting this fundraiser through our community partners, at our markets, and through social media.

why we're doing it

EcoStation is dedicated to issues of social justice and sustainable communities. Through our projects (Bushwick Campus Farm and Bushwick Farmers' Market), we are connecting our community with locally -and responsibly -grown food. The youth we are working with will come to know what food justice means, and how they can effect change in their own communities through education and activism.


Food & Social Justice Workshop:

  • 3 Facilitators: $50/hour x 7 hour training day, + $100/ea for prep time = $1,200
  • Food and refreshments for workshop (33 people) = $200 
  • Diamond Martin - Scholarship $2000
  • Additional funds will be used for youth-led events, workshops, local bus trips for our summer youth workers, and an event to cap off the season.

Project total = $4,820.39
Third party credit card processing (3%) = $144.61
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $5,000



Thank you message from the project leader!


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