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the project

We won a Pepsi Refresh Grant to make a film to help raise awareness and educate the NYC public schools on, how to make their schools more sustainable. With the help of DOE Sustainability Dept, Ozgem Ornektekin and John Shea and GrowNYC’s Robbie Lock,  we have filmed some amazing footage in the NYC public schools; obtained brilliant interviews with City officials, teachers, administrators and the students themselves, and believe to have a very powerful and educational video ready to be edited – we think we are a couple weeks away from completing the shooting.

All this being said, our grant funds are finished, and we now need to find completion monies so that we can spend a solid month (maybe even two), on editing, so that we can show this film in the schools where it needs to be? Now more than ever do we need to educate our youth on the importance of greening their schools, we believe this 30-min education video, which will be available to every NYC public school child and faculty, has the potential to really make a difference!

the steps

What we are looking for is completion funds in the amount of $7,500 to $12,500 - (Editorial salaries, equipment costs, graphics and music). Considering the savings this film could have on the city with energy costs, reducing waste  and recycling fees etc., the amount needed to complete it is really a fraction of the potential wealth it could bring our city and it’s students future.

why we're doing it

As we all know, our school children are the future, and for us to have the opportunity to make this fun, engaging, and educational video on this timely topic; is truly a gift - that can really make a difference.


Animation and graphics 900 Third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $27 ioby Materials and Labor = $35 Fiscal Sponsorship = $25 Grand total = $989.00


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