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Dare 2 Dream Leaders Make Bottle Cap Art!

the project

It begins with a discarded bottle cap and ends with detrimental effects to our environment. It's easy to overlook such a small item, but did you know that plastic bottle caps are one of the top 10 items found during marine debris beach clean-ups and are the second most littered item after cigarette butts? Did you know that they aren't biodegradable and once in our landfills and oceans they are here to stay? Floating on the surface of our rivers and oceans, birds and other marine life mistake the caps for food. Bottle caps are generally a different kind of plastic that therefore, many recycling centers will not accept. So, even if you do throw your bottle into a recycling bin, the cap will be screened out during the sort. Via the Green is Best program, we will spread the word within our community on the threats and importance of recycling this tiny menace.

the steps

Via partnerships with area schools and community stores, the Green is Best program aims to collect and educate the community on the importance of recycling. Bins will be placed around the community along with a poster outlining the dangers bottle caps pose to the environment. If a general recycling bin is not available, we will place a second bin for regular plastic. Focusing on the importance of separating the cap from the bottle will be our ultimate goal. Whether it is through a local recycling center or a company such as Aveda, Whole Foods, or the Gimmie 5 program, volunteers will ensure that the caps and if necessary the bottles are disposed of properly. Schools will also participate in the program with the option to have a little fun mixed in. The Green program promotes education, creativity and most of all fun!

why we're doing it

The Green is Best program will help solve this problem by reducing the amount of litter and trash within the community. When given the option, people will almost always recycle their trash. However, it is a rarity that recycling bins are readily accessible. With the use of collection bins and education, people will think twice about where that cap may end up. Let's not forget that bottle caps can also be used for neat crafts. The Green Art program can be implemented within our schools and community centers and is perfect for organizations with limited funding. The Green Art program is the perfect avenue for creativity and the chance to educate youth on the importance of recycling while having fun. The caps can be painted and used as checkers, picture magnets, belts, wall art, the possibilities are endless. There is even a program that makes door mats out of bottle caps! We believe this is a sustainable project that can last as long as people are willing to recycle. Through our general programs, Dare 2 Dream requires students serve as volunteers within the community. They will be our hands, eyes and most importantly our voice on the importance of recycling bottle caps.


10 plastic bins $100- Target Theses plastic bins will be placed in local schools and community stores in East Flatbush Brooklyn as recycling drop off sites. 50 mirrors $200- IKEA We will use the mirrors as part of the Arts project. We will recycle the bottle tops to create art in our community. 20 Glue guns $150- Arts store 20 packs of glue sticks $70 - Art store The glue guns and glue stick will be used to help create the art project. Posters - $200- Savemore Printing We will use posters to inform the students and community of our community service project. General Supplies: $200 Art Store Paper Pencils Acrylic Paint Paint Brushes project total = $920 ioby fee = 74


Dare 2 Dream Leaders Make Bottle Cap Art!


I am excited to report that we had our first Green Is Best Recycling and Art workshop this weekend.  I collaborated with a church in Brooklyn to run two art sessions at their community event. The children loved it and were excited to take their art home.  Once they heard the story about what bottle caps can do to the environment and animals, they were even more excited to do the project.  Here are some photos from the event.  I also attached the poster we created for our event.  We will use this poster to engage the community to help with our bottle cap collection by posting them along with a bin in a few local businesses in our community. 

In September we will begin a full bottle cap collection drive and conduct the art workshops with the Dare 2 Dream Leaders, Inc. class.  I will keep you updated along the way.  Our plan is to have an art show with the art created from the workshop.  

Thanks again!

Ijana Nathaniel, Founder
Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Thank you! First youth recycling and arts project!


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