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the project

Inspired by Art Kane's "A Great Day in Harlem", Gordon Park's "A Great Day in Hip Hop", and Jamel Shabbazz's "A Great Day in Brooklyn", The enriching community experience and documentary project is heavily rooted in my passion for creating intimate and impactful spaces for creatives across the US. As an artist myself,  I saw a need for a live arts and cultural programming event that not only entertains but heals and develops creatives in real-time. With meticulous curation, A Great Day in Brooklyn addresses four key areas that are essential to the health of individual artists and the creative economy as a whole. Our programming addresses mental health, career building, economic development, and unconventional methods for creative outlets. Dedicated to connecting, guiding, and uplifting the communities we serve, the voices of NYC luminaries contributing to the following visual arts, fashion, music, tech, entrepreneurship, and culture are AMPLIFIED, fostering solutions and actionable change in our city. 


Healing Circle (Station 1):

For meditation and release by Spiritual Counselor, Lexis Priestess.

Check your Wealth (Station 2): 

Led by emerging entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and individuals seeking to advance in their careers. BSDC signing up new 

Revive yourself (Station 3)

We are seeking food donations from local restaurants/ private chefs, but may need too cater if donations are not secured in time for the event.

Art Activation:

Where I'm from (Pop-Up Exhibition and Mural Activation):

This activity will showcase the work of NYC talent.


1. Financial Literacy with a representative from 500 Men Making a Difference.

A panel + interactive workshop for most ages (16 +)

2. Making your OWN table, A Conversation about creating your foundation and supporting others along the way. We will be in conversation with heavy hitters in the industry, from Black Gallerists to CDs and independent artists. 

Performances by local talent:

Healing through music

Njambi- Poet

JayKayprime- Singer

Leaf - Singer/Rapper

Aniahoo - Singer

Goals & Measurable Outcomes

150+ Attendance:

Measured by Eventbrite sign-ups.

Healing Circle:

Introducing or igniting pre-existing interest in yoga and meditation for 40% of anticipated guests. 

Measured by pre and post-surveys.

Check Your Wealth:

For every 1 guest a minimum of 2 new connections are made with someone in a field of interest or otherwise.  

65% of attendees register with BSDC for technical assistance calls. 

Measuring method: The guest will be expected to exchange cards with identifiable information and upload them upon post-survey submission. BSDC will share the number of attendees they’ve signed up for TA sessions. 

Revive Yourself:

Feeding 150+ attendees with food and drinks from local Black-Owned businesses.


Expose 100% of the attendees to the realities of working in the creative industry.

Measure effectiveness by surveys.


2-4 Live performances

4 community partners/affiliated organizations:

To maintain the support and guidance of community stakeholders.

Minimum of $15k in funding maximum $20k:

To maximize our impact and ensure all project needs are met. 

A reach of 20k across platforms:

Monitoring data and analytics

Actual & Intended Organizational Partners/Sponsors

Partnerships for Parks

MUCE 305, Sponsor

Gyalifest, Marketing 

500 Men Making A Difference, Brian Gaffney, Financial Literacy Panel

Bridge Street Development Corp



the steps

Cover event insurance and additional fees

Make a request for table and chair rentals

Order yoga Pillows for the healing circle 

Place order for food and drink to be available at the park for free for guest

Place order for event merch, signage, and rental stands for banners


why we're doing it

The community we intend to serve falls within the categories of creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and supporters. Our decision to serve in the heart of Brooklyn comes from our understanding of the significance of space and its historical impact to galvanize the public for political, social, and economic activism. Our event is designed to offer resources, healing through music and meditative practice, and networking opportunities that have the ability to positively alter the trajectory of any and all affiliates. With our strategic technique of engaging the public through a people-first, future-forward approach, we can engage diverse groups and communities without disrupting the quality of life and daily functions of its residents. Instead, our efforts improve urban vitality and promote people's health, happiness, and well-being. Meeting the needs of the Brooklyn community ensures the preservation and development of individual and collective lives across the borough. 




$300: Lexis Priestess Day Rate to offer free massages + group meditation to the public

$27.21: (100) journals for the Writing Workshop


$45.58: (4) cases of water

TOTAL RAISED = $431.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $21.55
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $12.93



With all intent and purpose to ensure a safe, quality, and enriching experience for all attendees, the organization is in need of additional funding to:

  • fulfill any and all special event insurance and associated fees,
  • provide food + drinks,
  • T-shirts and traditional marketing (flyers, brochures, vinyl signage),
  • generators, DJ/sound equipment,
  • yoga pillows for the healing circle,
  • stanchions, table and chair rentals.

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $454.55
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $227.27
TOTAL TO RAISE $5,681.82

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.



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