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the project

The Litterbugz is an organization dedicated to stop people from littering while proactively cleaning up litter. We are very excited to announce that our 5th annual Great Cleveland Clean-up is happening on April 21st! This Clean-up event runs from 12:30 - 3:30 pm with an optional celebration after; and we will focus on removing litter form parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, and neighborhoods. There are over 35 meeting locations all across the city, making it easier than ever to volunteer.

Our hope is to make this our biggest event to date. Last year's event garnered 1200 volunteers across 25 meeting locations; so this year's goal is 2500 volunteers across more than 35 meeting locations. Our hope is to work with Ioby and the amazing communities of Cleveland to help us fundraise for event supplies and volunteer t-shirts. 

All leftover supplies will be used for our summer cleaning schedule. Aside from the Great Cleveland Clean-up, The Litterbugz host an additional 12+ cleaning events per season and engage a mulitude of local groups and organizations. 


the steps

We have monthly board meetings in addition to our executive planning meetings. Our Great Cleveland Clean-up promotion is already underway, and we are starting to solidify our partnerships with other community organizations. As we continue planning this impactful community event, we would put our Ioby donations into event supplies immediately. 



why we're doing it

When our communities are litter-free, everyone benefits. Data has proven that a clean enviroment often leads to more neighrborhood beautification, lower crime rates, and increased property values. Beyond the tangible impact of litter clean-ups, we find that litter-free communities make community members FEEL better. It provides pride in your surroundings and an opportunity to connect people from all walks of life for one common purpose. 

We believe that our clean-up events help us change mindsets. We take what we believe is necessary, and we make it popular. We make our events enjoyable and easibly accesible for volunteers. While hosting these events and inviting members of the community, we focus on bridging both the differences between people as well as people's respect for our favorite lady, Mother Nature. As we continue to grow our volunteer base each year; we are working each and every day to make Cleveland a brighter, cleaner, more connected place. 


Disbursed Budget 8.13.18

Raised = $477.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $22.08
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $13.25
Total to Disburse = $441.67
T-shirts for volunteers: $241.67
Website for event registration - $200.00

New Budget

T-shirts for volunteers - $241.67

Website for event registration - $200


Original Budget

T-shirts for volunteers - $6,400

Cleaning supplies (trash and recycling bags, gloves, hand sanitizer) - $3,000

Truck Rentals/Trash Disposal - $200

Website for event registration - $200


Subtotal = 9,800
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $294
Total to raise = $10,129



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