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the project

Grahamwood Elementary is seeking a safer school zone for our children, parents, and staff. We plan to do this by painting artistic crosswalks and school zones around the school, creating safer access to the school, and installing flashing school zone lights. In the beginning of the school year, beloved crossing guard Ms. Flo was hit by a car. We need to increase safety with more visible crosswalks and flashing lights.

the steps

Purchase materials for painting the crosswalks.

Work with the City of Memphis on a time to paint the crosswalks.

Secure an artist to design and paint the crosswalk.

Work with the City of Memphis and Shelby County Schools on purchasing and installation of flashing lights.

Work with Shelby County Schools to obtain better access to the school.

why we're doing it

We want to beautify our school while making it safer at the same time. Artistic crosswalks and school zones will enhance the community and make it safer. The flashing lights will encourage people to slow down. Safer access to our school will benefit the neighborhood by making the entire community safer.

We would love donors feedback on the art for the crosswalk. Use the donation dollar amount to vote for your favorite idea! Please note that actual selection will be a collaboration between the PTO, Memphis, SCS, and artist. While we will take votes into consideration, it is not the final indicator of art selection.


Multicultural crosswalk on summer to match with "Nations highway" and dragon crosswalk on Graham.
What a great idea! The rainbow crosswalk would be amazing!
Thank you for your help. Cars speed down Summer Avenue and Graham and make decisions that place our children at risk. Better access into our school, an artistic school zone, and flashing lights will make sure our kids arrive alive.
Thank you all for your support in this project. We've waited years for the school system to install flashing speed limit lights in our school zone to get cars to slow down. We cannot wait any longer. Our kids deserve a safe school zone.


Updated budget 11.27.19

Artist for crosswalk $15,485.97

TOTAL RAISED = $16,001.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $480.03

Original Budget:

Artistic Crosswalks $9665.97

SUBTOTAL $9665.97

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300.03

Total to Raise on ioby= $10,001.00


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