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the project

Three Points Beautification is raising money to fund the next mural in the Three Points area. The mural will span two sides of a blank, paint-chipped building along Goss Avenue and will pay homage to the former Louisville Cotton Mill, Glassner's Bakery, and Ackerman Millworks (current building tenants). The front side of the building (facing Goss Avenue) will look as if the building was spliced down the center and you are peering inside at a bustling work day - women spinning cotton, men at wood lathes, bakers kneading bread. The side of the building (facing Boyle Street) will have a life-size painting of the old Glassner's Bakery truck, which mimicks an old photo we found. In addition to the mural, we will be adding new lighting to the exterior of the building, replacing a dry-rotted door on the building, adding landscaping to the corner, and other amenities (suggestions - let us know!). Stephen Paulovich ( will be the artist bringing this masterpiece to life and working with his apprentices to complete the job. Once it is all said and done, we hope this beautiful new addition to Goss Avenue enchances the pedestrian experience, instills neighborhood pride, promotes the history of our community, and compliments the revitalization our area is currently experiencing!

the steps

The total cost for the mural will be $15,000, however, we will only be asking for the public's help in raising $5,000 of this amount. We have used funds from the Three Points account to provide Stephen Paulovich (artist) with a downpayment to begin work. Priming and prepping the wall will take place in May 2016. Throughout the summer and fall, Paulovich and a team of artists will begin painting the intricate mural onto the wall. Fundraising will coincide with the painting of the mural (Paulovich has good faith that we will raise the money necessary!). 

why we're doing it

Three Points represents the three neighborhoods and their union to make our collective neighborhoods as strong as they can be. The goals of the project are to communicate the cultural and artistic spirit of the surrounding communities, instill community pride, calm traffic, embrace a “greener” community, add to Louisville’s tree canopy, and help visitors identify neighborhood features. Above all, we want to show what amazing things can be accomplished when we all come together and work together. 

This mural will pay homage to the industry and small business that helped establish and grow the surrounding area. As Schnitzelburg, Germantwon, and Shelby Park, as well as Goss Avenue, continue to see explosive growth, we want to embrace our future without forgetting our past. 

The mural and building enhancements will be a beautiful addition to Goss Avenue.


Disbursement budget:

Funds raised on ioby will go towards completing this project including artist fees, priming, insurance, supplies, labor, new lighting, etc. 


RAISED = $6,870.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $199.08


Original Budget


SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150

$5,000 will go toward paying the artist assistants






We set the goal for this fundraising page at $5,000, but we still need much more to make this a reality! Every dollar you donate will be given to the project! And, yes!, there are still faces available!!


Names and Faces

If you have given $20 you will have your name on the wall. If you donate $40 you get 2 names on the wall. $60 is three names and so on and so forth.

If you donate $200 you will get one face on the wall. If you donate $400 you get 2 faces on the wall. $600 is three faces and so on and so forth.

If you have donated an amount such as $240, you will have one face and 2 names on the wall.

One the fundraising peroid has ended, an email will be sent to you to make sure we have the correct name and spelling that you wish to have on the wall. If you have donated enough to get one or more faces on the wall, we will send an email with the details for what type of photo we need (size, angle, etc.) so we can incorporate that into the mural. Depending on whose face it is (child, woman, man) will determine where they go in the mural.

It is very important that if you donate that you include your email address so we can contact you after fundraising has concluded.

Hope this clears up any confusion! If there are anymore questions, please reach me at THANK YOU!


Our story on ioby's blog!

by ioby
July 6, 2016

If you’ve ever been involved in a public mural project, then you know how deceptively simple this booming genre of community activism can seem, to the uninitiated. Hire an artist, slap it on, make it pretty… right?

Wrong! Community murals are very, very labor-intensive – even if a professional artist is on the team. From fundraising, to power-washing the wall, to the complexities of designing and mapping such a large image, to scaffolding, to selecting climate-appropriate paint, to coating it all with UV protection at the end, to lighting installation, to protecting the work from graffiti, this kind of job is no cakewalk. But it’s worth it. Murals bring people together. Neighbors stop and look, and wind up chatting. Mural helpers and contributors across the country burst with pride at the sight of their work.  Read the full story here...


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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