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GSR Crowdfunding Campaign

Literary Cleveland’s brand new international literary journal Gordon Square Review is already off to an exciting start! In our inaugural issue published this past fall we:

  • Shared work from FIVE local writers showcasing the badass writing happening in the Northeast Ohio area
  • Published FOUR form-bending pieces including erasure fiction, prose poems, poetic fiction, and fragmented memoir from writers both national and international
  • Established THREE editorial mentorships, one in each genre, with reflections on the revision process by the writers and editors
  • Awarded TWO local writers $250 each in the very first Northeast Ohio Writers Contest for their heart-stopping work
  • Featured ONE brilliant cover image by Cleveland artist Chris Pekoc

It’s not hard to see why The Culture Trip said “Cleveland’s New Literary Journal Is Cause for National Celebration.”

We’re excited to continue this work in 2018 and beyond, but to do so we need your help.

Your support is critical to Gordon Square Review’s mission. As an independent, nonprofit journal, our primary source of funding comes from you. Every dollar you give allows GSR to:

  • Keep submissions free so that any writer from any income level can send in their work
  • Continue to offer our contributors an honorarium because great work should be rewarded
  • Maintain our beautiful website and ensure we can afford our submission manager
  • Compensate our team of editors for their time and talent
  • Bring important, inspiring, creative, challenging, and vital stories, poems, and essays into the world

Contributions are tax-deductible. We hope you will consider contributing to our campaign and to GSR’s mission and to the future of great writing.

the steps

Open submissions for Issue 2 (Jan. 1-March 15)

Review submissions for Issue 2 (March 15-April 15)

Send acceptances / notifications (April 15-May 1)

Publish GSR Issue 2 (May 10)

Hold GSR Issue 2 Launch Party (May 15)

Open submissions for Issue 3 (July 1-Sept. 15)

Review submissions for Issue 3 (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)

Send acceptances / notifications (Oct. 15-Nov. 1)

Publish GSR Issue 3 (Nov. 10)

Hold GSR Issue 3 Launch Party (Nov. 15)

why we're doing it

Why Gordon Square?
Gordon Square Review is published by Literary Cleveland, a nonprofit organization working to nurture a vibrant literary arts community in Northeast Ohio. Literary Cleveland is headquartered in the Gordon Square Arts District, which serves as the cultural heart of Cleveland’s Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. Gordon Square Review embraces its namesake’s ideals surrounding creativity, artistic exploration, and the value of supporting and celebrating emerging talent. 
What does Gordon Square Review publish?
Gordon Square Review considers submissions of short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction from writers across the United States and internationally. We feature emerging writers no matter their geographic location, but we also reserve a special place for Northeast Ohio writers.

​Northeast Ohio Writers
Every issue of Gordon Square Review will spotlight at least one writer in Northeast Ohio—an area that, by our definition, includes the Cleveland, Akron/Canton, Youngstown, Kent, and Lorain/Elyria/Oberlin areas. Northeast Ohio writers are particularly encouraged to enter our inaugural contest
Editorial Mentorships
As part of its mission, Gordon Square Review strives to mentor emerging writers. During the selection process, each editor will each choose a piece of writing from the general submission pool and work with the author in revision. Completed drafts resulting from these mentorships will be published in Gordon Square Review and accompanied by micro essays from the respective contributors and editors. These competitive editing mentorships will help guide emerging writers through the revision and publication process. All writers who submit to Gordon Square Review are automatically considered for a mentorship.


Disbursed Budget 5.18.18

Rasied = $925.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $26.94
Total to disburse = $898.06 fees – $223.06 
Website design – $100 
Contest awards – $250 
Contributor honoraria – $250 
Editor fees – $500 
less outside donations received - $425 

Updated Budget 3.19.18 fees – $216
Website design – $500
Contest awards – $250
Contributor honoraria – $250
Editor fees – $2,000
Overhead/administration - $1,000

less outside donations received - $425

Subtotal = 1,575
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $47
Total to raise = $1,657

Updated Budget 3.14.18 fees – $216
Website design – $500
Contest awards – $250
Contributor honoraria – $250
Editor fees – $2,000
Overhead/administration - $1,000

less outside donations received - $225

Subtotal = $1,775
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $53
Total to raise = $1,863


Original Budget

Gordon Square Review Issue 3: fees – $216
Website design – $500
Contest awards – $250
Contributor honoraria – $250
Editor fees – $2,000
Overhead/administration - $1,000

SUBTOTAL* = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $60

*Additional funds will be raised from other sources, such as grants, in order to fully fund the issue.


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  • Amy Hansen
  • Magdalena Waz
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  • Karen Schubert
  • McDWizard
  • Varun U. Shetty
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  • Les Hunter
  • Barbara Harkness
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  • Craig & Erica Walter
  • Kelly E. Moore
  • Daniel Schlossberg
  • Lee Chilcote