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the project

The Good Life Garden Self-care and Tree Care Project. The vision is to teach ppl better ways to take care of themselves, their health and the trees around them. The steps towards this are educational and engaging health and wellness events.

the steps

 Workshops around health, wellness and self-care

Workshops around tree care, identification and environmental impact

Making people more mindful of how they treat themselves and the environment around them and how in turn the earth will take care of them

why we're doing it

Over the past two years this mainly Black and Brown community of Brooklyn has been traumatized by the Covid Pandemic. People have had to endure isolation, depression and anxiety in unprecedented ways. The external stressors have amplified. Cost of living has always been a point of stress and now it has been compounded with many losing their jobs and not knowing how they will be able to afford the necessities. And on top of all that their is the fear that you may be sick, or get sick at any moment and have to navigate that. It will take a giant collective effort to start healing. 

A part of our underserved community is our trees. They lack basic care like watering, pruning, and cleaning up around them yet they still continue to make our air cleaner, temperature cooler, and mitigate rain fall. They color our concrete landscape and give homes and food to wildlife. We want to create a connection and love for these natural protectors. The project will bring people together in a way that educates them about their health, gives them practices to improve their wellness and instills an appreciation for the trees and nature that keep us alive.


We're excited to offer wellness events and workshops at the garden! Below is a breakdown of estimated costs for hosting these:

$3,000 towards supplies and tools for the events and workshops.
$1000 towards instructors for events like yoga and meditation 
$600 towards Food and Bev
$300 towards transportation of supplies for our workshops
$100 towards flyers so that folks know about the events

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