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Frederick K
145-24 231 street
Queens (All over Queens)
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the project

We will be documenting the great work that Queens volunteers are doing in Queens Parks, greenstreets, tree pits and other green spaces. Many people are doing great things that need to be publicized to inspire others to do the same. We will be promoting green efforts by showing successful projects underway. At the same time, we will be filming some examples of vandalism-especially of street trees to discourage that kind of bad behavior.

the steps

Frist step is to learn how to properly use the camcorder. Then we will go out looking for postive greening projects and document them and put those on youtube and like sites. We will be filming examples of street tree vandalism and other bad anti-green behavior.

why we're doing it

We want to highlight positive green projects done by Queens Volunteers. We will also be seeking to eliminate tree and garden vandalism by exposing it on the web.


1 sony handycam camcorder at $500 at Best Buy. Subtotal = $500 3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $15 Budget Total = $515


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