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Frederick K
Al Oerter Rec Center
Queens (Flushing)
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the project

Going Green in Queens is our annual networking, educational and greening conference open free to the public. Many groups exhibit what they are doing to improve the environment and are looking to educate and motivate conference attendees to get involved to make a difference in Queens.

the steps

We are already in the planning phase. Since this is our fifth year of doing this, we know what we need to do to succeed. Exhibitors and tablers from the GGIQ2011 are being contacted and invited to come back. We are revamping workshops and working on a theme at the present time.

why we're doing it

Hundreds of attendees will attend and learn how to compost, prune, recycle and do other things on a personal or group basis to green up Queens, starting in their own home and neighborhood. This is a great way to get involved in the green movement.


$2.25 x 800 tote bags, project total = $1,800, ioby fee = $144 total to raise = 1944 new project total = 1887 new ioby fee = 151 New total = 2038


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