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Over the period of years the Global Bassolians for Development and progress observed that food insecurity is a serious problem in Rhode Island. Many of our seniors in Rhode Island face a lot of challenges to actually buying food. Even in area with more suppermarkets, Seniors face too many challenges to purchase food for themselves. The latest state of senior hunger in America report from feeding America found that about one in 14 seniors (7.1%) in the providence metroplitan area are food insecure. The consequence of not having enough access to healthy food are well-research and be dire. Due to the insecurity food many seniors experience more likely to have chronic health conditions; 19% more likely to experience high blood pressure, 90% more likely to experience asthma 233% more likely to experience depression Recent reseearch also found that older women in Rhode Island are likely to worry about buying food. On average, nearly a quarter of seniors in Rhode Island have poor access to supermarkets. Poor access for seniors is highest in new shoreham and warren. Due to the food insecurity our seniors face in Rhode Island the Global Bassolians for Development and Progress family will take the initiative to join others humanitarians organizations to provide foor for our seniors communities with in the Rhode Island area. The Global Bassolians for Development and Progress family will continue to provide food for the seniors even by the grace of God the COVID-19 Pandemic is over, because we learn that the food insecurity is one of the more challenges our seniors face within Rhode Island.

the steps

When, we have been awareded this needed matching fund raised- immediately we will begin to purchase said food ''items'' for our seniors with in the Rhode Island communities. The Food and Non food ''Items'' will be deliever to every various home of our Seniors every first and second saturday of each month.

We will present every necessary things to our seniors communities that will be purchase from this fund raised. we help lot of communities and disabled communities outsides Rhode Island, now its times for us to take the initiative to idenified with our needed people in Rhode Island and this project will not stop, it will be our responsibility as time go back.

Our works last month show the images of our organization to the pubilc that we are already there to make impact in every communities in Rhode Island.Fund raised will be use wisely and needfully for our seniors communities.

your generous contribution will be highly appreciated as we all pursuing for our seniors to live a healthy life.

why we're doing it

Because my team and I organized this organization to increase awareness of issues and activities leading to support and conduct challenges research, and developmental activities, to increase public awareness of issues in the world's protection and restoration; to provide research and information to foundations and corporate giving programs about the needs of communities, towns, villages, and churches such as schools, clean water, food, clothes, and others materials. So in this light its time for the Global Bassolians For Development and Progress family to undertake this project to implement their goals and make impact in the communities for our people that's in needs. As we all can remember due to the COVID-19 pandemic it bring lot of challenges and difficuties to many families in America and they cannot afford to purchase food for they and thier family on a daily basis. Since we are there as nonprofit organization to protect and restore live in the world, there's no time to waste, its time for us to engage some of this challenges and bring hope to our seniors communities or people in Rhode Island. We fully believe that through this fund raised campaign will help our seniors to reduce the insecurity food among them in Rhode Island.Due to the insecurity food make them to experience lot of chronic health condition and this brings pain and sorrow to my heart and there's need we deal with this on the daily basis for our seniors to live a better life that they desever. I believe through the power of God food supplies delievering we will make, will bring hope to our seniors and they will get back their feet to make a better life. we will not stop my team and I will join every others humanitarians organizations to make this happens in every parts of America. God blessed everyone that will join us in support of this project.



We will be raising $10,000 in two phases! Our first phase will be $5,000.

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Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.

We have specifically chosen to launch '' Our seniors feeling in Rhode Island'' over period of years we learn that food insecurity is the major challenges our seniors face with in the Rhode Island areas. With the funds raised through this campaign, we will purchase food and non food items supplies for the seniors in various communities in Rhode island and begin to delivering them to the home of our seniors.

We understand that many of them experience health condition because of the poor food access.

- 19% more likely to experience high blood pressure

- 90% more likely to experience asthma

- 223% more likely to experience depression recent research also found that older women in Rhode Island are likely to worry about buying food so for this reason all fund raised will go to purchasing food and non food item to deliver it to various and to able to close some of the Challenges and keep our people healthy.


$3,000 will purchase food items for the seniors

$2,500 will purchase non food items for our seniors communities to empower them.

$3,700 we will purchase all other necessary supplies for our seniors communities

$700 will be purchase for others material that will be useful to our seniors in the communities.

$800 we will purchase water, juices and all others hygiene supplies that will be necessary for the seniors communities




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