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the project

Ruff and Reddy here from Color Country Animal Welfare (CCAW) located in dazzling Wayne County, Utah. Did you know there’s never been an animal shelter for homeless cats or dogs in our neck of the woods? And it's a big neighborhood too – over 2500 square miles of some of the most rugged landscape in the entire country. That’s why, when our fellow furred friends get separated from their humans, their chances of survival are slim. Some have never had a home at all and roam the area doing what they can to dig up a bone or find a warm, dry spot to sleep.

All of that changed when CCAW was organized in 2009. Our humans really love us and want to help others like us find forever homes…just like the ones Reddy and I enjoy. That’s why we’ve launched this project.

Although CCAW has Trap-Neuter-Release programs and fabulous fosters that work like dogs, that’s really not enough to help all of us who really need it. A brick-and-mortar building is just the ticket. Construction for that began in September and will be done next spring!

The cat’s pajamas would be your help in furnishing the facility with all the comforts of home: snuggly beds, insulated doggy doors, and comfy enclosures that keep our wild cousins the coyotes and mountain lions away. Food dishes would really be the cat’s meow.


the steps

Bark and meow with enthusiastic support for construction.

Ride in car to purchase comfy beds, safe kennels, new food dishes, and insulated doggie doors.

Wag tail and purr in approval.

Supervise humans during room decoration.

Run in circles and race across the room.

Welcome arrivals to the shelter.

Sit on floor or curl up on the table while humans write thank you letters.

Enjoy sweet dreams every night knowing our new friends will soon have their own forever home.

why we're doing it

We, Ruff and Reddy, along with all of the other pampered pets of Wayne County, Utah, support our humans’ plan to build and furnish an Animal Care Facility. Our lost or homeless feline and canine brethren need our help. We await the day when all of us enjoy safe homes, nutritious food, regular medical care, and loving families…just like we do!


Cat housing/sleeping units -  $500 each, we need 10, for a total of $5,000
Cat perches and walkways - $250 each, we need 4, for a total of $1,000
Cat beds, bowls and litter boxes -  $75 each, we need 10, for a total of $750
Dog housings/sleeping units -  $1,250 each, we need 15 for a total of $18,750
Insulated dog doors - $200 each, we need 15, for a total of $3,000
Elevated dog platform and bed - $150 each, we need 15, for a total of $2,250
Dog water and food bowls - $40 each, we need 15, for a total of $600
Dog runs - $580 each, we need 15, for a total of $8,700
Grand Total of Campaign $40,050

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $41,325


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