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Extended! Tell your Ultimate friends!

the project

Pittsburgh’s ultimate frisbee community believes in growing a diverse next generation.

Pittsburgh Ultimate is raising funds for scholarships for young girls to attend our summer camp. Our goal is to increase current and future female participation. Currently, girls only make up about 30% of youth members across the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We believe that recruiting new girls through a fun summer camp is a step toward equitably serving our youth.

This is a project within Pittsburgh Ultimate's wider mission to increase diversity within the sport of ultimate. Focusing on girls' development is in tandem with the community's commitment to health and socialization of young females through participation in sports.

the steps

The Pittsburgh Ultimate Board of Directors and staff will work to increase girls participation, as well as retention, in our sport through targeted marketing and recruiting for Camp Spirit of the Game's summer program. Pittsburgh Ultimate will provide full and partial scholarships at the point of registration for newly recruited girls.

Pittsburgh Ultimate will work to provide additional opportunities for girls to continue playing ultimate after Camp Spirit of the Game.

why we're doing it

Pittsburgh’s ultimate frisbee community believes in growing a diverse next generation, which includes an increased recruitment and support for young females to join the sport. As the sport develops into the mainstream, our community members are conscious of the direction the sport is taking. We are acting to address the risk of a gender imbalance and provide equal opportunity for young girls to develop, advance, and succeed in a level playing field.


Disbursed Budget:

Scholarship Allocation:

 $580 (Camp x2 + Membership) - BBBS

 $580 (Camp x2 + Membership) - BBBS

$310 (Camp + Membership) - BBBS

$310 (Camp + Membership) - BBBS

 $180 (Fall Camp + Membership) -

 (Partial Fall Camp) -

Amount Remaining: $372.62 as of 9/15/2017 *To be used at Winter Camp*

RAISED = $2,520.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $72.38

Original Budget:

$3,000 goes entirely to full and partial scholarship for girls to join summer Ultimate Frisbee camp.  

SUBTOTAL = 3,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $90



Extended! Tell your Ultimate friends!

We've extended our timeline, team!  Two more weeks to fund five more girls' camp scholarships.  Please talk to your teammates and friends and alumni and others.  We're all pitching in to support the next generation !

Current Progress

We're over HALFWAY! Thanks, sincerely, to everyone who has donated so far. We can now send five girls to Camp Spirit of the Game for FREE with your donations. We're working to secure the remaining funds in the next week. 


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